Minimalist Pool Ideas for Your Own Sanctuary

Saying the most with the least.

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Ever imagine having a pool by your own place? Somehow, this idea seems distant due to the space needed to create the pool. Moreover, having a pool requires a lot of efforts to ensure the hygiene. But worry not, you can have your own small pool regardless of the ideas hence we’ll talk about the minimalist pool ideas.

Your Own Staycation

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First of all, imagine yourself doesn’t need to book a hotel for a staycation. The extra money and effort to get the feeling can be replaced if you have your own swimming pool. Though small, these minimalist pool ideas we’ve summarized below can be your ultimate reason to have a whole new vibe in the house.

Most noteworthy, make sure that you know exactly the space measurement. Don’t make it too small or big. Also, you need to consider the depth for the whole family members. Once you’ve collected the measurement, let’s get fun and create these minimalist pool ideas!

Wooden Ambiance

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To give more natural ambiance to your tiny pool, you can add the wooden elements to the poolside. Similarly, the wooden pathway can be used to walk and hang out during the swimming time.

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Also, the wooden path is popular due to the non-slippery material. Perhaps, it will be perfect for your children.

Stones and Pools

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Who said that stones and pools can be combined to create a whole new vibe to the pool? Most importantly, choose the bright stones to create the wide feeling. But it’s no problem to put the dark stones suitable to your preferences.

Furthermore, not only small stones, you can also choose the stones pathway instead of the wooden one. Minimalist pool ideas should be fun and full of creativity.

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One of the most important feelings that you want to have is relaxed. No longer need to hop on a hotel, you can have it in your own space by applying the minimalist pool ideas. In order to get this feeling, put the greenies like trees or plants around the pool.

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Also, make sure that you take care of the greenies well! Above all, you can also adapt these fantastic small garden ideas as well.


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Another trick to have a minimalist pool is by installing the stairs on the poolside. You can choose the color according to your taste. By doing this, you can have a whole new swimming pool exactly feels like a resort or small house on the beach.

It’s no longer time to book your ticket and leave. It’s time to design your own minimalist pool ideas!

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