Refreshing Outdoor Shower Designs You’ll Adore

Nothing beats the natural privacy.

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Not only can be found in luxury hotels and resorts, the outdoor shower designs certainly can also be applied in your house. Moreover, the presence of a bathroom in the house has multifunction and special. Perhaps it isn’t just the place for taking a bath, but also for pampering yourself. That’s why outdoor shower designs can be considered for the choice.

Be Different

Seems like you need to step outside the box and be brave to choose different concept of the bathroom, which is an outdoor shower. The bathroom shouldn’t be closed but can be designed like you are in blending with nature. Most importantly, your privacy is still protected.

Moreover, by applying outdoor shower designs in your house, there won’t be any humidity causing bad odor. The damp condition of the bathroom may trigger the presence of bacteria and germs. So, for your inspiration, here are some outdoor shower designs you will adore!

Blended with the Greens

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No one hates the view of greeneries and plants near the bathroom. The first design of outdoor shower adapts that. Make sure the roof or wall is close to the plants. Otherwise, you can add plants above the shower.

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Another idea is to build a grass and green pathway along the outdoor shower to the house. Get your inspiration from the creative wall garden inspiration.

Natural Woods

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Woods are essential in bringing the mood of the natural outdoor shower. Most noteworthy, combine the shower with wooden wall and floor. Furthermore, to make it more natural, place your outdoor shower next to a tree.

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Pretty much a compliment for your fantastic small garden, isn’t it?


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In order to get the peaceful feeling while having a shower, make your very own outdoor shower designs with all-natural elements. Pick earthy colors to make the whole place stands out.

Going Mono

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Choosing one color theme for the whole outdoor shower designs is one good decision. Above all, you can choose any color that you like, from white, grey, or orange!

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Boost the mood with plants around the outdoor shower. Interesting enough?


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Choosing to build an outdoor shower is certainly a unique point in your house. Therefore, don’t just stop at that point. Make the most of your creativity by choosing a unique theme for your sanctuary.

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Tempted to build and adapt the outdoor shower designs? Above all, which one do you adore the most? Let us know below!

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