Red Bedroom Ideas for the Good Luck

Red, the ultimate source of good luck. Agree?

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Red is never out of trend, also for the bedroom decor. If you are into a minimalist concept, then red bedroom ideas might be your consideration. Why red? It’s playful, bold, and strong. Furthermore, this color can build the enthusiasm and spirit of the owner.

Better Luck?

It’s not a secret that red is often related to a good luck color. According to the Feng Shui ancient tradition, red bedroom ideas might be the color primer that will make you feel right at home. This opinion is also supported by the holistic Feng Shui expert, Laura Benko in her book The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Space.

Finally, the big question is do you have the gut to adapt these red bedroom ideas for your own sanctuary? The color scheme will recharge your energy after a long and tiring day of work.

Red and Pattern

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The first concept of the red bedroom idea is to add the pattern as part of the whole room. You can simply start it from the bed sheet and bed cover. Also, put a red rug beside the bed. Similarly, you can also choose a red pattern for the whole bedside.

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Certainly, you can move to another level: to add the level of red in the couch or wall painting. This will obviously define the identity of your red bedroom.

Mix it with Black?

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Red and black can never go wrong hence you can mix it for a whole new feeling entering the bedroom. This red bedroom idea is probably preferable for a person with red as his or her favorite color. Therefore, don’t limit the imagination and make the most of it!

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If you are not into red and black only, consider adding white touch to the room. Be it the bed cover, rugs, or the wall.

Be Bold

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Most noteworthy, don’t just give a hint of red if you are really want to have a red bedroom idea to be applied in your home. Be bold by mixing it with so many red elements of the interior.

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Even more, you can choose any specific concept like the Bohemian interior design to add the statement.

Kids Room

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Above all, red bedroom ideas know no age. Probably your kids want the same concept? There you go, you can add the fun element to their room and enhance the mood in a blink of an eye!

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Feeling challenged to try these red bedroom ideas? Or want to start with the red front door first? Anything will do, and don’t forget to share with us below!

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