Verdant Green Living Room Inspirations for Soothing Feeling

Never though greens could be this relaxing.

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What do you call an ambiance with greens everywhere? We call it a natural way to comfort. Well, seems like the living room, which is the common room for all the family members also needs proper attention about the design. Take a look at your living room and tell us what is it like? If you’re not impressed yet, then it’s time to consider verdant green living room inspirations.

Shades of Green

There are way too many green colors with different gradation. Each of them can be used as the verdant green living room inspiration. While you are still feeling unsure about the green colors in your space, let’s talk a look at the inspirations below.
The combination of green and earthy tones interior will create a comfortable feeling for anyone stepping into your living room. Furthermore, by avoiding the dark colors, you will be less prone to the gloomy ambiance.

Let’s start to see the verdant green living room inspirations, shall we?

Green Walls

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First of all, to create a green ambiance in your living room, certainly you have to paint the wall in green. Similarly, you can choose the green from the list of Pantone, choose the one that suits your preference the most.

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Not every side of the wall should be in green. Furthermore, you can also mix it with brown or white color to lift up the earthy-tones. Finally, enhance the situation by choosing elegant interior choices.

Detail and Detail!

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Pay attention to the detail of your verdant green living room. Seems like you can release your imagination and choose anything that you want! For example, leaves painting with brown paper as the background. Lit up the room with a green table lamp.

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No, don’t just stop there. Choose rugs, throw pillows, or curtains with the same tone. In contrast, if you already choose dark green wall painting, choose a softer green for the elements.

Where Should I Sit?

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Yes, the sofa or couch will be the most interesting part of your verdant green living room. To balance the whole landscape, choose the green one. Furthermore, you can choose the pattern like the stripe, plain, and also mix the model of your favorite model. Also, pair it with the matching pillows.

Leaves Everywhere…

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Green is natural. The verdant green living room is also natural. To strengthen the feeling, choose interior elements with leaves pattern on it. For example, the chair with leaves and white pattern. Place it in the corner of your living room for the impression.

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Finally, why don’t you add the leaves as it is, on the table or the corner? It will also make the room feels fresher. What a soothing feeling.

Falling in love with the verdant green living room designs? Tell us yours!

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