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Outdated Home Trends Important For Your References

Time to say goodbye and hello.

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No matter how much you love the previous concept of your house, outdated home trends are inevitable. Also, you need to know that some designs are no longer suitable to the current trend, let’s say, in 2018. Keep your house up to date by understanding the outdated ones.

Isn’t It Timeless?

Probably this is the big question in your mind when we are talking about outdated home trends. Well, anything that seems timeless at one time, in fact, can be outdated someday. Consequently, you need to refresh or adjust the concept of the interior, and also exterior of your house.

Doesn’t feeling in the budget to renovate the whole house? Worry not. Certainly, you can refresh your house little by little. Maybe start with the most outdated one before renovating the big ones.

For your reference, let’s check out these 7 outdated home trends:

Outdated Trend: Chic Farmhouse

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This concept is another outdated home trend that must leave your house. The popularity of chic farmhouse was so fast, as well as the trend. So if you have this kind of concept in your house, let’s think twice.

The New Trend: Greenies and Outdoors

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Adapt the new concept of drawing in almost all the greenies, despite the size. As a result, you will have a fresh element, collaborating nicely with the wooden and rustic concept. Add the twist by installing these beautiful vertical gardens.

Outdated Trend: Wood Panel

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In case you wonder why the wood panel is included in outdated home trends, this concept tends to make the space darker.

The New Trend: Painted Drywall

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Consider replacing the wood panel with painted drywall. Therefore, you will have a much more simple concept. Most importantly, your place will be bright.

Outdated Trend: Overdone Space

Allocating all your ideas to create the space a few years ago? Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Overdone space or archways are no longer in trend.

The New Trend: Open Concept

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4 Personalized Result

Let loose of the space of your house by adapting the current trend: open concept. Most noteworthy, this theme will make it easier to adjust if the trend is changing in the future. While arranging the open concept, feel the breeze in your house. Also consider to create personalized accessories for your signature style.

Outdated Trend: Formal

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It’s not an office, why should you keep the formal concept in a house? Likewise, it’s not a library, after all.

The New Trend: Cozy

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You can always store your stack of books in the cozy concept of the house. Moreover, you will feel relaxed and comfortable indulging in this kind of theme. For the bedroom, what about trying these stunning Bohemian interior designs?

Outdated Trend: Marble? Granite?

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Though looks elegant and luxurious, marble and granite are another outdated home trends for now.

The New Trend: Quartz

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Change your current marble and granite concept with the quartz. The concept we bet will stay for a longer time. You can still keep the elegance by installing these luxurious kitchen cabinets.

Outdated Trend: Ultraviolet

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It’s dark, it’s gloomy, and it’s too much. Maybe these are some reasons why the ultraviolet concept is categorized as one of the outdated home trends. Set aside the purplish things and time for a new color.

The New Trend: Turquoise and Yellow

Turqoise Result

The current trend we love: the mixture of turquoise and yellow. It’s bright, fun, and boost the mood of everyone!

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