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15 Dark Boho Décor Ideas for House Interior

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Boho or bohemian décor is usually full of color. However there is a dark boho décor which is more gothic and suitable for people who does not like being too bright. A dark boho décor still incorporates a lot of motives and ornaments but the colors are usually more neutral. Taking dark boho décor style into home might surprise you since it seems too dark. Yet, our 15 dark boho décor ideas for house interior will surely make you understand its beauty.

About Dark Boho Décor

Creating a dark boho décor look allows you to take in many ethnic designs and artworks. More than that, the dark boho décor also will allow you to use black theme room without being too scary. A dark boho décor is where both DIY furniture and ready to use furniture can beautifully stand with each other. Therefore, prepare your best macramé or knitted blanket to decorate the look.

Interior with Dark Boho Décor Ideas

Dark Boho Decor 1
Source Pinterest

First idea is to a fully painted black wall with brighter decorations like white macramé. Also, don’t forget the clean white bed.

Dark Boho Decor 2
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Another option is to apply white color on the ceiling and hang a uniquely designed chandelier, or in this case a lamp case.

Dark Boho Decor 3
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Third idea is to take a bolder step by placing a black bed in the master bedroom. However, you may put ornamented carpet and some greens for a different vibe.

Dark Boho Decor 4
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For dark boho décor, black is the fashion. Yet, you can still decorate the room with lighter color like dark blue.

Dark Boho Decor 5
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Despite the black theme, you can still make the room look heterogeneous by putting decorations of different color.

Dark Boho Decor 6
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More than colorful decorations, you can also place a more glamorous furniture. Therefore, the room will not only look boho but also luxuriously gothic.

Dark Boho Decor 7
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For the big house, all black-painted wall, ornamented mirrors and photo frame will be an ultimate avant-garde look.

More Ideas of Dark Boho Décor

Dark Boho Decor 8
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Well, this design might be not a completely boho but more of elegant Halloween theme with a bit of boho. Yet, if you love it, go on!

Dark Boho Decor 9
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Other than aiming for classic and mature look, boho is also applicable for a younger bedroom resident.

Dark Boho Decor 10
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As you see in this picture, besides the wall, everything else is quite on the lighter side. However, the room still manages to look elegantly gloomy.

Dark Boho Decor 11
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Next option is to hang a lot of paintings, pictures, and wall decorations to create a colorful look in a black-painted room.

Dark Boho Decor 12
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Another option is to take this dark eclectic interior with fluffy and artsy touch.

Dark Boho Decor 13
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Despite looking a bit ghastly, the room is definitely worth trying for it has a combination of dark décor and nature.

Dark Boho Decor 14
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Looking just like a view from Tim Burton’s movie, this room might be the best choice for people with gothic yet artistic mind.

Dark Boho Decor 15
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Lastly, if you still want more lights in the room despite the dark theme, you can build a big window and put decorations of lighter color.

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