15 Avrey Ovard Room Design Ideas

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Avrey Ovard often shares a lot of bedroom and interior design. Avrey Ovard room usually combines the young feeling, rustic, and also colorful design. While many Avrey Ovard room choices often look simple, some are also richer and more elegant. The so called Avrey Ovard room can inspire you to create your future bedroom and house interior in general. Here are 15 Avrey Ovard room design ideas for you.

Avrey Ovard Room Design

Avrey Ovard is better known as a beauty and fashion Youtuber with more than 400 thousand subscribers. However, she also has a Pinterest account where she pins a lot of lovely room designs. Not only the room looks inviting, they are also quite easy to replicate. The Avrey Ovard room also gives you space to boost your creativity in decorating the room. Whichever style you want, Avrey Ovard room can lead you to the best part of room décor.

Avrey Ovard Room Design Ideas

Avrey Ovard Room 1
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First of Avrey Ovard room ideas is a room full of light and some plants with a DIY shelf made of old stairs.

Avrey Ovard Room 2
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Not only the room, a focus on the bedside table with cacti pot will enhance the sweetness of your natural room.

Avrey Ovard Room 3
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Yet, if you like a more tangy and child-like room, incorporating the same design to your furniture is not a bad idea.

Avrey Ovard Room 4
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Rather than taking a closed wardrobe, you can also take a simple hanger for all your daily clothes. Like this, your white room will have a richer color.

Avrey Ovard Room 5
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However, you can also combine many plants (fake for an easier maintenance) to your room for natural color.

Avrey Ovard Room 6
Avrey Ovard Room 6

More idea is to stick some small stickers and posters to the wall without any frame, but make sure to use an easy-to-clean glue.


Avrey Ovard Room 7
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Also, you can focus on DIY practical wall decoration like these shelves and the hanger pole.

More of Avrey Ovard Room Design Ideas

Avrey Ovard Room 8
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Besides that, you can also utilize the room heater to be a medium for cute decoration that will enhance the overall beauty.

Avrey Ovard Room 9
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Although it looks like colorful theme is the main characteristic of Avrey Ovard room, this minimalist room is also nice.

Avrey Ovard Room 10
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For apartment residents who yearn for some plants or greens, Avrey gives you an inspiration through this pin.

Avrey Ovard Room 11
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Another alternative style is a striped carpet with black and white Bohemian bed sheet.

Avrey Ovard Room 12
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Seems like Avrey really loves to put some greens inside the room, yet she also loves to put ornamented décor for color.

Avrey Ovard Room 13
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Now to the working area, you can follow one of Avrey’s favorites by putting some greens and a clean desk.

Avrey Ovard Room 14
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Rather than putting too many stuff, you can leave the sitting room with only a simple coffee table and a small shelf.

Avrey Ovard Room 15
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Last but not least, collage art is not only for kids but also for people who loves decorating their room with pictures.

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