15 Pathways Design Ideas for Your Garden

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Exterior design is as important as interior design. The pathways design is one of the exterior designs you can focus on. Not only a pathways design will beautify the way to your main door but also ease your access to the garden. Pathways design involves many kinds of combination from a simple flagstone, bricks, to gravel. Here are 15 pathways design ideas for your garden that will definitely spark inspiration.

Pathways Design Ideas for Garden

Many ideas for pathways design are easily applied by working for some days alone, yet some other may need the expert’s help. Most pathways design usually take a red carpet formula, where the size is long but narrow. Yet, another pathways design is also possible where it is both wide and long. Whatever your choice is, we hope that all the ideas of pathways design here can give a little idea for your next step.

Wonderful Lists of Pathways Design Ideas

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First idea is a patio landscape surrounded by colorful flowers that will make the way to house entrance looks like a celebration.

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Another idea is to incorporate flagstones for walking path over a grassland with some bushes on the side.

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Third option you can take as inspiration is a brick pathways which is quite sturdy and has unique look.

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If you are a fan of gravel, you might want to copy this idea with some scattered rocks on the side to create a natural look.

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More option to consider is colorful stones in hippie boho style which are suitable for both small road and house yard.

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Another option is a mix of gravel and stone path that will create an illusion of walking over a stone pool.

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Yet another gravel and stone path mix with statue decoration on the side as a statement of luxury.

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Also, a brick walkway with a less symmetrical design will be a nice touch to a green garden.

More Ideas of Pathways Design

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Besides all the above idea, why not incorporate a kind of flower to accompany the walkway made of flagstone?

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Flagstones are also available in many colors. Hence, you can combine it with white concrete and brick edge to build a walkway.

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Well, this idea might be a bit too difficult to be a DIY project, yet it is still worth to build with an expert’s help.

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More than just a simple gravel or flagstone, you can also create pebble mosaic walkway with some artsy design.

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As well as an artistic walkway, you can also make a less complicated art by making a pattern with bricks.

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However, for art lovers, a mix of gravel, flagstone and concrete might create endless beautiful idea.

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Finally, more than a simple straight walkway, you can also build a round one for a joyful ‘trip’ in the garden.

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