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15 Trading Space Room Ideas That Will Amaze You

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Trading Spaces is a reality show about two neighbors who redecorate each other’s home. They do it without letting the owner knows until the project is finished. Some trading space room ideas are awful, but many more trading space room results are really mesmerizing. Trading space room is also inspired many people to redecorate their home. Here is the list of 15 trading space room ideas that will amaze you.

Trading Space Room Ideas for You

From classic to rustic, any trading space room ideas can emerge and give inspiration for more decoration. Usually done in the bedroom or living room, trading space room has endless idea that can develop into a very amazing home décor. More than that, the trading space room is also about opening your mind to uncertainty. Well, at least that happened in the TV.

Some Ideas for Trading Space Room

Trading Space Room 1
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One of the trading space room choices you can consider is pale yet bright décor. You can change things like furniture or simply get a completely different color for the wall.

Trading Space Room 2
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More than just changing the color or furniture, you can also think about certain theme. This room looks rustic simply because of the wooden door as the main game changer.

Trading Space Room 3
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Other than going classic, you can also opt to a more colorful décor.

Trading Space Room 4
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More than decorating with conventional beauty, you can also take bolder step with statement like this yellowish room.

Trading Space Room 5
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Well, some people might be afraid of putting abstract thing to the wall. Yet, this abstract by Doug Wilson will assure you that nothing needs to be feared.

Trading Space Room 6
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Additionally, you also want to make sure you get the right color that suits your taste and the furniture at home.

Trading Space Room 7
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Remember, being colorful is not always bad. This ethnic room that almost looks like rainbow is one of the samples.

More Inspiration for Trading Space Room

Trading Space Room 8
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First of all, you need to remember the rule of decorating a room which is being yourself. Well, who said you cannot combine boho, classic and rustic together.

Trading Space Room 9
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Rather than being colorful which might not be everyone’s choice, you can also go modest by taking this as inspiration.

Trading Space Room 10
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Moreover, you can also pick some unique furniture like the classic bed frame for bedroom.

Trading Space Room 11
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If you love gray and white, don’t skip this sweet bedroom. The DIY bed sheet is definitely irresistible.

Trading Space Room 12
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Another option is to take inspiration from far away culture. This house takes Ganesha of India as an ultimate home décor.

Trading Space Room 13
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When some people might think purple and blue are not good together, you should not always believe them.

Trading Space Room 14
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Other than furniture, you need to also consider thinking of a room design from the perspective of the building. Perhaps build a big window since the very beginning.

Trading Space Room 15
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Last but not least, the trading space should not only stop on master bedroom but also the teenagers’ room. Like twins, for example.

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