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15 Fireplace Design Ideas in the Living Room

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Other than in the backyard, a fireplace is also a good and functional decoration inside such as the living room. Thus people keep looking for fireplace design that will be suitable to their desire. Other than that, a fireplace design is also supposedly rhyming with the furniture around it. Therefore, here we are presenting 15 fireplace design ideas in the living room for you to choose.

Wonderful Fireplace Design Ideas in Living Room

In the old time, a fireplace design was quite a rare topic although many people used it. However, nowadays various fireplace design ideas are getting more creative. Besides, the fireplace design is also still maintaining its main purpose, to warm up the room and people. So, feel free to choose your very own fireplace design ideas and be creative combining it with your chosen furniture.

Inspiration for Fireplace Design in Living Room

Fireplace Design 1
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First fireplace design shows complex color yet they don’t bloat you. And the fireplace will stand sweet, accompany the night and day.

Fireplace Design 2
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Rather than just taking a conventional fire pit, why not throw in some magical color like turquoise?

Fireplace Design 3
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Sometimes going classic is all you need to find the perfect match for your modern fireplace.

Fireplace Design 4
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Next idea is this contemporary design that looks really shiny and with a more evenly distributed fire.

Fireplace Design 5
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Moreover, you can also add up the rustic feeling of bricked-chimney (can be real or just a decoration) in the room.

Fireplace Design 6
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Also, don’t forget that you can also incorporate the cubism and minimalist style to get the ultimate result.

Fireplace Design 7
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Additionally, you might also want to place a railing to avoid flying ashes. Plus, it becomes a good decoration.

More Inspiration for Fireplace Design in Living Room

Fireplace Design 8
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If you love modernity, glam, or classic style, you can take a look at Candice Olson’s design. Fluffy and elegant.

Fireplace Design 9
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As fireplace is quite flexible, you can combine it with many styles including the old style living room.

Fireplace Design 10
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A more modern alternative is to take this sofa that looks like a bread. Yes, that will be the hottest place who over

Fireplace Design 11
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This cozy sofa on the lower ground will support you to enjoy the fire.

Fireplace Design 12
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When constructing a fireplace, don’t forget to style it or at least put some decorations above it.

Fireplace Design 13
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A quite unique fireplace will not only make you feel satisfied but also enhance the elegance in the room.

Fireplace Design 14
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Remember not to beat the fire pit with anything too stands out. This is the good example of incorporating balance in a room.

Fireplace Design 15
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Finally, this great room is where people can feel like they have it all. Well, name it, the classy fireplace, fluffy sofa, detailed rustic ornament, what else would you want?


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