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15 Deck Railing Ideas to Inspire for Your Home Porch

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Porch is a place where you can take a relaxing time after a tiring day. Building a porch without deck railing will be almost impossible and dangerous. Thus, many designs of deck railing are available so people can choose whichever they like. Made of wood or iron, railing’s designs are countless. Down below are 15 deck railing ideas to inspire for your home porch.

Deck Railing Ideas for Home Porch Inspiration

Various railing ideas are suitable for both lower and upper deck. More than that, you can also build the deck railing by considering factors like safety for children. A deck railing can also take after many designs from minimalist, rustic, to classic. Besides that, do not limit the material that you can use for the railing.

The Best Deck Railing Ideas for Home Porch

Deck Railing 1
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The first deck railing is a simple wooden based railing combines with iron bar.

Deck Railing 2
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Secondly, a deck built from Azek Brownstone vinyl decking and black aluminum railing for a minimalist yet bold porch.

Deck Railing 3
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Third option is for you who love some privacy and perhaps shade. The idea is to combine deck made of aluminum bar and breeze block.

Deck Railing 4
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More than simple bars for railing, you can also take a more rustic and artistic design inspired from tree branches.

Deck Railing 5
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Still incorporating wood material as the frame, you can also combine it with cable to fill the mid part.

Deck Railing 6
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Another option is to consider the best color that suits your home décor as a whole.

Deck Railing 7
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Also, you can combine more than two colors for the railing to create a different style.

More Lists of Deck Railing Ideas

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More option is to take the deck skirting idea which connects material to support post and boards below the deck.

Deck Railing 9
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Or you can combine a higher pillar and connects it with the railing right behind the garden.

Deck Railing 10
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Moreover, smaller deck can also utilize the railing for the connecting stairs.

Deck Railing 11
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Besides that, contrasting color of black and white from the deck and railing will enhance the exterior design, too.

Deck Railing 12
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More than just simple straight bars, curvier aluminum or iron bars for railing will be a good idea, too. However, you will most likely need to buy the ready version or hire a professional.

Deck Railing 13
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Despite looking like a good design, remember to only take this design if you have no small kid.

Deck Railing 14
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Another idea is to place a metal railing with horizontal design rather than vertical.

Deck Railing 15
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Finally, a classic and minimalist railing made of wood with a central unique design is also quite impressive.

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