16 Colorful Wallpaper Design Ideas to Jazz Up Your Space

A wallpaper said a thousand words.

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Don’t leave the wall blank. If we may suggest, wallpaper is the best choice to jazz up your space. Therefore, it’s more than important to know wallpaper design ideas suitable with your taste, or even the whole family member’s preference.

Not Just a Wall

The main function of wallpaper is to cover all the walls, especially the interior hence the pattern can be adjusted to your taste. But most importantly, you need to know the main reason why your house needs a wallpaper. Moreover, the price for installing a wallpaper is a bit expensive due to the durability.

Compared to wall painting that needs to be upgraded every 2 years, wallpaper can stay until 8 to 10 years. So, if you are considering to add one, you might need to know 16 colorful wallpaper design ideas below:


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This theme will bring a whole new look for your space. By choosing the tropical wallpaper design idea, the green leaves, flamingo, and trees pictures will soothe your eyes. Furthermore, you can apply this theme in any room inside your house, as in the dining room, living room, kitchen, and also the bedroom.

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Staying with kids in the house? Well they would probably fall in love with the theme. Add more fun by choosing wallpaper with animals on it. Or, pair it with DIY wall art painting, perhaps?


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The next wallpaper design idea is also becoming trend in recent years. Not only for the house, but also for fine dining places or cafe. Flowery concept adapts the natural and perfect for you who can’t stand boring walls.

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Choose flowery-themed wallpaper in light color for bedroom, and the bold one for living room. Considering that wallpaper won’t be just a year or two in your house, make sure that you won’t get bored with the pattern one day.


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Sky’s beauty is always mesmerizing. So, why don’t you bring it to your house? The calming color of sky wallpaper design idea will bring you a great rest. Sky theme is also suitable for designing cute apartment ideas on budget.

Jungle and Natural

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Eyes will feel calm to see greeneries, as seen in jungle wallpaper design idea. Choose this one for your room, and make sure that it will boost your energy every time you enter the space!

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Feels like living in a hotel already?


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This theme is also trending recently, both for the house concept or nursery ideas. Also, feel free to choose the color tone for the whole wallpaper design ideas.

Can’t decide which wallpaper design ideas is your favorite? Discuss it with your family, then. Good luck!

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