15 Ideas Inspired from Santa Barbara Style

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Santa Barbara is a city in California where the downtown part is known with its distinct style. Often called as Santa Barbara style, it is actually a Mediterranean-style houses. Santa Barbara style houses look like coming out directly from a Spanish novella. Well, it is because they are indeed reflecting the Spanish colonial era. However, despite the bleak past, here are 15 ideas inspired from Santa Barbara style for a pretty house.

About Santa Barbara Style

Usually built in white stucco, the buildings are covered with red-tile roofs and incorporate many South American decoration. The floor is often made of ceramic tiles and the ceiling are from nicely polished wooden plank. Yet, despite the common design, some newer designs are often emerged and combined too. Whichever Santa Barbara style you like, here are the lists.

List of Santa Barbara Style Ideas

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First Santa Barbara style shows the interior where wood color dominates the room as a whole besides the white wall.

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Second choice for your Santa Barbara style inspiration is a house with long corridor and ornamented carpet.

Santa Barbara Style 3
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Third picture shows an ultimate Santa Barbara style yard where an avant-garde fountain accompany the green garden.

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Although a Santa Barbara style usually takes wooden furniture in its natural state, you can also cover them with cushion.

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Well, a leather sofa will also be a nice touch along with ornamented fireplace for a relax night.

Santa Barbara Style 6
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Now, take a look at the wooden ceiling which enhance the Spaniard and Latin feeling in the house.

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Of course we should not forget the kitchen where hanging lamp can be an option for lighting.

More of Santa Barbara Style Ideas

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Another room to see is the master bedroom where a separate fireplace and cushions are available for an intimate moment out of bed.

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More than just a fireplace, you can also hang a classic lamp cases in the living room for both lighting and decoration purposes.

Santa Barbara Style 10
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Another simpler style you can create is a fireplace with naked wall and some woven baskets which also serve a bit of rustic feel.

Santa Barbara Style 11
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For a bigger yard, this outdoor sitting area with excellent wood carved-chair will also be a suitable style booster.

Santa Barbara Style 12
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Then coming back inside, you can also build a half circle door with amazing details on the railing design.

Santa Barbara Style 13
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This house combines the historic building with modern touch here and there, but mostly still incorporate wood works.

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Now to the corridor, you can ask a carpenter to make the sweet wood pillars and bench. Not only that they look wonderful, they are also sustainable. However, remember to keep a regular maintenance.

Santa Barbara Style 15
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Last but not least, you can also focus on the tiles and chandelier for a more luxurious looking interior.

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