15 Japanese Bathtub for Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

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Japanese bathtub has started to gain popularity all over the world including United States. However, some people might only recognize Japanese bathtub simply as a luxurious bathing item. Yet, this part of bathing culture in Japan is more than that. The beauty of “Ofuro” or bath in Japanese emphasizes the elegance of taking care of health and beauty. Our 15 Japanese bathtub for luxurious bathroom ideas will provide you with both its beauty and extravagance.

Japanese Bathtub for Luxurious Bathroom

Set as a deep mini pool, Japanese bathtub lets you soak your body while sitting comfortably. Not only that, you can also place the Japanese bathtub based on your liking, indoor or outdoor. Talking about traditional Japanese bathtub might be a bit uncomfortable for some. However, here we are talking about Westernized Japanese bathtub which is designed with various materials from stainless steel to copper.

List of Japanese Bathtub for Lux Bathroom Ideas

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First luxurious bathroom offers you a white Japanese bathtub with easy access to enter through the stairs.

Japanese Bathtub 2
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For a long and narrow bathroom, this bathtub will also be suitable. Don’t forget to also take the window side for a more luxurious bathing experience.

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Now moving to Bali in Indonesia, you can also take an inspiration for a more natural outdoor bathroom.

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Not only round, the Japanese also loves square tub. Yet, the importance lies on the window, which will add up the relaxing moment.

Japanese Bathtub 5
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If you have more budget, you can also dig deeper to place the tub so it will become a mini pool.

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More than making it looks luxurious, you can also create a more luxurious experience through accompany of a book.

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Another idea is to place the tub next to a transparent glass window. So that you can still have natural experience with less worry of external danger.

Another List of Japanese Bathtub for Lux Bathroom

Japanese Bathtub 8
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Then, if you want to go fully Japanese, why not take a bolder step to also build a traditional Japanese bathroom window?

Japanese Bathtub 9
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If you still cannot leave the feeling of western tub, perhaps you can take the midpoint with this rectangle but deep tub.

Japanese Bathtub 10
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Other than that you can also enhance the luxurious feeling through adding a fireplace.

Japanese Bathtub 11
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Despite looking so Japanese, this luxurious bathroom’s location is in Aspen. A perfect bathtub with a perfect view.

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Besides that, you can also build an edge made of gravel where it will relax your feet whenever you step on them.

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Just like how the Japanese does it, the bathtub stays in the middle and then they will continue with a quick wash.

Japanese Bathtub 14
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More than just a bathroom with bathtub, why not build a side deck for your partner to accompany the most relaxing moment?

Japanese Bathtub 15
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Finally, one of the most luxurious bathrooms you can think of is a marbled bathroom with adjustable lighting.

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