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15 European Farmhouse Design Ideas for Home

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A European farmhouse will not only bring out the rustic feeling but also a classic vibe. It is timeless and charming with all the traditional Europe hinted in the decoration. European farmhouse makes you think of a countryside in European country like Belgium, France, and Swiss. There are many ways to create a European farmhouse style decoration. 15 European Farmhouse Design Ideas for Home that we present are here as a start.

European Farmhouse Design

Of all European farmhouse designs, the most famous one is perhaps French country style. However, all parts of Europe offers different farmhouse style that you cannot resist. The European farmhouse style offers various decorations that you can mix one with each other. From wood to bricks, European farmhouse décor is definitely one of the most versatile style.

European Farmhouse Design Ideas

European Farmhouse 1
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First idea is a simple wooden ceiling with classic 19th century lamp and basic dinner table for your dining room.

European Farmhouse 2
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Second idea is a mix of real traditional feel with more modern furniture like a divan, which is a mix of sofa and bed.

European Farmhouse 3
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More of European farmhouse idea that you can incorporate is a combination of clean shabby and white. Well, a good décor for summer or even winter since it has fireplace.

European Farmhouse 4
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Other than interior, European farmhouse is also good for terrace. One of the choices is to build a full bricks from the wall to the floor.

European Farmhouse 5
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Another idea is to incorporate white sofa with cream-colored wall and wooden ceiling. However, be sure to apply anti termite liquid to avoid unwanted things.

European Farmhouse 6
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A farmhouse is never that hard to replicate, yet to combine it with modern design is also not easy. But this simple dining table nailed it well.

European Farmhouse 7
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Now moving from the dining table we get into the kitchen. This might be not a traditional farmhouse design, yet an emphasis of natural-wooden chair is enough.

More Inspiration of European Farmhouse Style

European Farmhouse 8
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Besides mixing traditional and modernity, you can also create a multi function interior. This living room is good for both summer and winter.

European Farmhouse 9
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Perhaps, one of the difficulties you will face from creating farmhouse decoration is finding the authentic material. Yet, if you can’t, try to play with colored grout for the wall.

European Farmhouse 10
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Of course you can find a farmhouse of European style in US too. Here is a house designed by Vanguard Studio located in Austin, Texas.

European Farmhouse 11
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Next idea is to mix a bit of luxury with the humbleness of a farmhouse. For this, you can combine marbled surface and a lamp-case made of glass.

European Farmhouse 12
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More idea to consider is to take this French style farmhouse with an emphasis on white flowers and candlestick.

European Farmhouse 13
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Now going further west, this house is inspired by English farmhouse with more modernity. However, you can still feel the authenticity through the curtain, fireplace, and drawers.

European Farmhouse 1 4jpg
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And then focusing on the ceiling, you will also be able to create a more modern farmhouse feeling with wood block.

European Farmhouse 15
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Finally, for a more luxurious-looking farmhouse you can create a room with timber trusses.

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