15 Unique Upcycled Furniture Ideas

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Upcycled furniture is actually another term people use to call second hand furniture. The upcycled furniture is in many cases involve creativity, patience, and diligence. Other than that, you might need to add some additional material to revamp an upcycled furniture. Despite sounding like a not really new project, you can really get a superb furniture out of it. Here we have 15 unique upcycled furniture ideas that might interest you.

About Upcycled Furniture

Talking about upcycled furniture is not like utilizing the old decoration in rustic design. Although it also uses old stuff, upcycled furniture lets you to express yourself to even make a completely new stuff. From a cupboard, table, drawers, to any home furniture that you can think of is possible. Not only that, you can also put your artwork as a part of the upcycled furniture.

List of Unique Upcycled Furniture Designs

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First inspiration comes from a simply painted white and grey cabinet with upgraded glass holder.

Upcycled Furniture 2
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Second choice takes a combination of small table decorated with paper art on the top and added woven basket.

Upcycled Furniture 3
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Third idea shows you a renovation of 1960’s dresser of drawers in white and black with white tiles top.

Upcycled Furniture 4
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Not only cabinet, a shelf is also possible. This shelf is made of motorcycle pistons, aluminum, and cedar which as you see is quite sturdy.

Upcycled Furniture 5
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More than that you can also combine new legs for an old cabinet. Also, you can paint the front part with graphite.

Upcycled Furniture 6
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Next idea is to simply paint an old cabinet with brighter color like yellow.

Upcycled Furniture 7
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Another idea is an antique cabinet with additional stand and holder for a more functional second hand furniture.

More of Upcycled Furniture Designs

Upcycled Furniture 8
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An old cabinet with new color like emerald green and new motif like stained wood will also be a great idea.

Upcycled Furniture 9
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Besides renewing the painting, you can also apply glaze for a shiny coffee table, just like new.

Upcycled Furniture 10
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Other than renewing furniture for its newer version, you can also utilize another old item for decoration. Like this carpenter’s tool box which becomes a perfect coffee table.

Upcycled Furniture 11
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For those who master an art, an old white cabinet will also look brand new such as with this metal emboss.

Upcycled Furniture 12
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Well, another idea is to paint a less common design to your coffee table and incorporate old mailbox, perhaps.

Upcycled Furniture 13
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Rather than throwing your old cabinet just because a small part is stained, you can make more ‘stains’ and create a new design.

Upcycled Furniture 14
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Another ‘stains’ that you can create are these fish that enrich the old drawer, handcrafted for sure.

Upcycled Furniture 15
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Last but not least, you can also utilize materials like sticker, colorful paint, and just any art material you love.

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