15 Home Garden Decoration Ideas for Pretty Exterior

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Garden is not a single boring entity that happens to exist in front of any home. A home garden decoration is always an interesting topic for any house designer. Not only home garden decoration can make your house looks prettier, but also more organized. These 15 home garden decoration ideas for pretty exterior below will help you to get some inspiration.

Home Garden Decoration for Yard

A home garden decoration includes many elements from the plant itself to concrete materials like stone for pathways. More than that, you can also incorporate small or even big pond to the home garden decoration. Shortly, anything is possible for a more beautiful home garden decoration. Besides that, you don’t even need to have a big yard to manage a pretty home garden decoration.

Home Garden Decoration Ideas

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First home garden decoration idea is a wide green garden with stone steps and mini pond, creating a tropical mini forest.

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Another idea is to build a fountain and mini pond while surrounded by colorful flowers and plants.

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Besides that, you can also create a mini vertical garden by adding wood board as the medium.

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Not only that, you can also optimize the beauty of your garden by making a pond with some fish inside. However, make sure the keep up with the regular cleaning process.

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A more unusual idea might be to place your favorite mini statues like this team of snow white and the seven dwarfs.

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More than that, you can also focus on artificial decorations like wall and planter boxes.

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Other than that, you can also build a mini garden on the balcony with colorful planter boxes as the decoration.

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Yet, a simple windmill will also liven up the spirit whenever you are relaxing in the green garden.

More Home Garden Decoration Ideas

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For those who love to create a DIY project, a birdhouse and small old carriage might beautify the garden as well.

Home Garden Decoration 10
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Also, you can set aside the corner if your house has less soil. Like this, you can divide the small land for some plants.

Home Garden Decoration 11
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Since we are talking about decoration, a clay-based frog lover on a planter box is surely a unique décor material.

Home Garden Decoration 12
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And if you feel like placing a more furry decoration, two cute rabbits will be a good idea too.

Home Garden Decoration 13
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More decoration to consider is an abstract bird décor that will make your garden looks even sweeter.

Home Garden Decoration 14
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For those who has mini garden, a mini decoration might also be a good choice that will bring unique charm.

Home Garden Decoration 15
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Last but not least is the decoration in a shape of super cute colorful suitcases that grow plants.

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