15 Japanese Tub Ideas for Your Bathroom

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A Japanese tub starts to fill up a lot of Western bathrooms. Not only does a Japanese tub offer elegance, but also comfortable bathing time. From steel, wood, to tiles, you can pick any Japanese tub you feel the most suitable and pretty. Its shape is also unique, offering a refreshing look to your bathroom. Here we have 15 Japanese tub ideas for your bathroom that might spark an inspiration.

Japanese Tub Ideas for Bathroom

Until now you might still only think about a standard Western bathtub when thinking about installing one in the bathroom. However, Japanese tub offers a more flexible movement during a bathing time. This is because a Japanese tub is built with more depth and straighter edge so that you can sit comfortably. Besides, you can also find a lot of Japanese tub that already has a mix Western features.

Pretty Japanese Tub Ideas for Bathroom

Japanese Tub 1
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First idea is a classic Japanese tub made of wood installed around transparent windows. Also don’t forget the candles with aroma therapy.

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Second idea is to take a more modern look by taking a silver colored steel tub surrounded by stones.

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Third inspiration is a beautiful tub along with a shower that you can use after soaking your body.

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Other than brown and silver, you can also have a white tub for a more classic looking bathroom.

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More idea to incorporate is a corner of tub and shower covered with mosaic tiny tiles.

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Next idea is a combo of soaking tub with shower at the same spot so you can double the experience.

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Another idea to consider is a classic Japanese bath with a full view of the forest for a relaxing day.

More Ideas of Japanese Tub for Bathroom

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Besides all the above idea, you can also take a mini stairs in to help you enter the bathtub easily and enjoy it.

Japanese Tub 9
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Yet another incredible idea is to hang some decorations to accompany your bathing time.

Japanese Tub 10
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Now, this one is an idea that will enhance not only your bathing experience but also the luxury of your bathroom.

Japanese Tub 11
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Perhaps you do not really like the circle shape, thus you can take this square white tub into your bathroom.

Japanese Tub 12
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Rather than building a classic Japanese bathroom, you can also mix the style with western bathroom.

Japanese Tub 13
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More ideas to come is a tub with central shower that stays as outdoor bathroom. Quite a brave choice, but worth it.

Japanese Tub 14
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Then, how about an elegant bath installed on the wooden plank floors.

Japanese Tub 15
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Last but not least is a Japanese bathroom with a super large and round tub to soak yourself.

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