14 Beautiful and Simple Backyard Waterfall Design Ideas

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A house backyard might not appear in front of every pedestrian’s eyes, yet it is still a part of your lovely home. Putting a simple backyard waterfall decoration will not cost your energy yet still bring a beauty to the land. A simple backyard waterfall will not only look elegant but also offer a cooling effect during summer days. For a start, we have 14 beautiful and simple backyard waterfall design ideas that might catch your interest.

Simple Backyard Waterfall Design

More than being a decoration, simple backyard waterfall has that relaxing sound that will soothe your soul. And when we say simple backyard waterfall, it means that the design is not complicated to make and to see. Also, you don’t need to limit your material options, since anything will do and still come out mesmerizing.

List of Ideas for Simple Backyard Waterfall Design

Simple Backyard Waterfall 1
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First simple backyard waterfall idea is a classic mini waterfall made of brick with gravel base that will create unique sound.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 2
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Second option is for you who love the calming decoration of South East Asian spa décor with waterfall and mini pond.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 3
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Third idea is yet an even cuter simple backyard waterfall which takes a pump and two different size of vessels.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 4
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Then, if you like square, this simple backyard waterfall might be for you. Not only that, you can also add some magic there for a more unique touch.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 5
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Well, if you want a more natural looking waterfall, a mix of rocky surface with some plants is definitely a good choice.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 6
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If you want a bigger pool, you can also use material like flagstones for the pond area.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 7
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Moreover, you might want to combine the plant area with waterfall, like this you will worry less about watering them.

More Ideas for Simple Backyard Waterfall

Simple Backyard Waterfall 8
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A little bit complicated in the beginning, but this waterfall is still quite simple to make with rocks and plants.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 9
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Besides that, with the same material you can also build more layers especially if your garden has hill.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 10
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More than that, you can also utilize a moss area that might not seem that gorgeous. But that is the unique value it has as natural decoration.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 11
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Another utilization of vessels, with a combination of bricks and gravels. Well, this one is even applicable indoor.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 12
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Now moving to waterfall that you can even make for indoor decoration. This terrarium garden is definitely one of many choices you can consider, well the miniature.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 14
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Yet another uncommon idea is to incorporate a flat layer for a waterfall that makes it seem like a mouth of giant anaconda.

Simple Backyard Waterfall 15
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Last but not least is a mini version of waterfall pond made of flagstones.

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