15 Minimalist Modern Bedroom Ideas for Modern Home

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Bedroom should be the place where you will feel relaxed after a long tiring day outside. A lot of bedroom designs are out there yet minimalist modern bedroom might be the one you are looking for. With simple furniture and basic color, minimalist modern bedroom is definitely soothing the spirit. More than that, minimalist modern bedroom will let you achieve the good night sleep with its calming design. Here are 15 minimalist modern bedroom ideas for modern home.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom Design

Modern design is growing not only among city folks but also the one living in the countryside. Factors like easy to find and affordability become some common reasons. However, minimalist modern bedroom is also quite lovely. Neither it is difficult nor requiring a lot of complicated design and furniture. Minimalist modern bedroom is as simple as how you think a bedroom should be, but also can be sophisticated.

Ideas for Minimalist Modern Bedroom

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First idea is the bedroom with mostly presents in brown shade. As simple as double bed, sofa, and a simple lighting for your perfect night sleep.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 2
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Well, fulfilling your room with greens will not only soothe mind, but also create a minimalist yet authentic look.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 3
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Third option to consider is a more ethnic yet minimalist modern bedroom with a Scottish ornamented bed sheet.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 4
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Another option you might be interested in is a grey and white room with pretty simple and basic furniture.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 5
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You can also combine more colors to create a certain vibe like this feminine bedroom with pale pink pillow and blanket.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 6
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If you live in a studio apartment, consider to also minimize the furniture intake including the working space corner.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 7
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More of studio apartment design for a minimalist modern bedroom design. Don’t hesitate to copy an inspiring culture like this table with fluffy blanket for a cold and lazy day.

More Ideas for Minimalist Modern Bedroom

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 8
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Besides that, you can also put a bit of decoration like twinkling light and plants to create a fresher look.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 9
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More than that, you might want to place a table near to the bedroom for a sitting area.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 10
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Back to the main goal, you might want to leave your bed as simple as possible so that you won’t get distracted.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 11
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Rather than going with full decoration, you can take a more humble décor for a tranquil bedroom.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 12
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Moreover, you can also pick a bedroom with big windows and pick less color so that things don’t get too bright.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 13
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Other option is to leave the room as white as possible to create a calming vibe.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 14
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Another idea is to combine modernity with nature by taking greens in, whether it is fake or real.

Minimalist Modern Bedroom 15
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Finally, you can combine elegance with minimalist by choosing simple colored furniture which presents shiny feature.

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