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16 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Décor Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 4Source Pinterest

A farmhouse theme bedroom does not always need to be really rustic where every furniture is shabby. There is a modern farmhouse bedroom which you can take as an alternative if you like the style but brighter. A modern farmhouse bedroom still covers the rustic feeling but with newer furniture. Here are our 16 modern farmhouse bedroom décor ideas that will tempt you to redecorate your room!

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Décor

Why goes modern when you want to be rustic? That does not make sense! Well, some people might think this way. However, in the games of interior design, almost nothing is wrong, really. And just like how modern life can mingle with countryside life, why can’t the modern farmhouse bedroom? The modern farmhouse bedroom will also give you choices to a newer material and equipment.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for Your

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 1
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The first modern farmhouse bedroom inspiration to consider is a mix of white and various motives.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 2
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Second modern farmhouse bedroom idea incorporate letters on wall to cozy master bedroom.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 3
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More than just living in a farm or countryside, modern farmhouse is about embracing the casual feel.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 4
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Rather than just combine the room with cream color, why not place some of your black and white picture with family?

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 5
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Again, pastel and cream color are the weapon for a sweet modern farmhouse. Besides that you can also decorate the room with carnation of twigs.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 6
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Other than playing with color, you can also add other detail like plastic-based plant for a refreshment.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 7
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Also, this gorgeous modern farmhouse is also suitable for your kids.

More Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for Pretty Room

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 8
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Of course you’ll want a transparent white curtain that adds the sweetness in the rustic room.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 9
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Talking about modern farmhouse means a combination of elegance and humility.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 10
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Remember shabby chic when creating a modern farmhouse décor. Not only will you be able to easily classify the furniture, but also can spark ideas.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 11
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Sometimes, you can also create the look through a simple old style bed frame, carpet, and mini drawer.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 12
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Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate more colors like red or maroon to the room. Yet, try to tone them down.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 13
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Other than fake plants, you can also put some colorful flowers to avoid an overly pale room.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 14
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Feeling like having a fuzzy touch in the morning? Why not place a furry mat under the bed?

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 15
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The bonus of modern farmhouse is you can decorate the room with fancy stuff too, like this chandelier.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 16
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 16

Or lastly, you might want to still be faithful and opt to a chandelier that is unique but still rustic.

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