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14 Impressive Tiny House Design Ideas That Maximize Function and Style

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Tiny house has become more common especially among young people as the rent for house and apartment soars. Not only that, tiny house design also has developed and become more practical. If you look into current tiny house design, many of them are no longer just emphasizing aesthetic but also function. Hence, tiny house design is not only a cheap alternative now, but also an efficient living area. Below are 14 impressive tiny house design ideas that maximize function and style.

Ideas for Tiny House Design that Maximize Function and Style

Thinking about tiny house design that maximizes function and style might lead you to think about simple and boring design. However, it is not as simple as that and not at all boring. They also involve various creativity that can blow your mind and get inspired.

Great Ideas for Tiny House Design that Maximize Function


Tiny House Design 1
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First idea for tiny house design that will not only be suitable for young people but also small family. The emphasis might be to add more windows so that your house can have more air circulation.

Tiny House Design 2
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Other than many windows, you can also build a big door. More than that, you won’t need wide stairs for a small house.

Tiny House Design 3
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Another tiny house design that you can consider is to build a high ceiling. Besides that, you can also use the upper part of the bathroom for storage.

Tiny House Design 4
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Next tiny house design is to incorporate drawer and small cupboard under the stairs.

Tiny House Design 5
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The following idea involves a slightly bigger house where you can add heater that also functions as the central pillar.

Tiny House Design 6
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Moreover you can also get a convertible desk and pick LCD TV to save space. Also, you can utilize the part below your sofa for storage.

Tiny House Design 7
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Then, you might want to use smaller stair and add stair holder instead.

More Great Ideas for Tiny House Design

Tiny House Design 8
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To maximize the functionality and beauty of your tiny house, you can also utilize things related to your hobby. For example a percussion instrument as table.

Tiny House Design 9
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Another alternative for tiny house design does not involve upper bed but simply less furniture.

Tiny House Design 10
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You can also focus to leave more space on the bedroom so that it will not feel cramped.

Tiny House Design 11
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Then, you can also add barrier on your second floor so that it will have two functions as sleeping area and balcony.

Tiny House Design 12
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The design of your tiny house can also take a full wooden materials so that it will get the rustic and countryside feeling.

Tiny House Design 13
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You can also design your tiny house with a style inspired by old Alp home. First of all, one important part is window above the bed. Like this your window will be a gate to the sky, too.

Tiny House Design 15
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Lastly, even though your house is small, you should not be afraid of dark color. You can combine white and black or grey to create a different look.

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