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14 Backyard Deck Ideas That Will Amazingly Transform Your Garden

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Outdoor area will never disappoint anyone looking for inspiration or simply refreshment. Thus backyard deck ideas will never disappear among the talk of exterior design. Backyard deck ideas will soar since more people try to look for a way to have outdoor space in their house. Backyard deck can also provide place for relaxation after a long day without any bother. These 14 backyard deck ideas that will amazingly transform your garden will help you to choose the best one.

Backyard Deck Ideas for Your House

Usually made of wooden planks, backyard deck ideas can be used for any purpose. Start from a simple outdoor gathering room to a combination of elegant sitting place with a beautiful scene of the garden. Therefore, backyard deck ideas involve various materials and budgets depending on your goal. Not only that, you also have the option to execute the backyard deck ideas by hiring professional or build it yourself.

Backyard Deck Ideas for Amazing Garden

Backyard Deck Ideas 1
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First idea involves an optional floor lighting which will boost the elegance of your backyard deck. However, you can also simply place the comfortable sofa.

Backyard Deck Ideas 2
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One of the most beautiful backyard deck ideas you should pick when you have big garden is this one. Rather than simply building a deck, why not incorporate a walking path like bridge to make it more stylish.

Backyard Deck Ideas 3
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Moreover, you can also take this idea where the deck is higher than the ground. A simple pergola above the chairs will also add up the comfort.

Backyard Deck Ideas 4
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Besides all the above backyard deck ideas, multilevel deck can also be a good choice. Simply connect every layer of the deck with stairs or perhaps ramp path.

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More than that you can also build high deck with stairs and edges where you can put some planter boxes.

More Great Backyard Deck Ideas for Your House Garden

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Another option is to build a deck with planter boxes that also function as edges.

Backyard Deck Ideas 8
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Next idea is to create a deck with higher stairs so that you can have area with shade beneath.

Backyard Deck Ideas 9
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More ideas for even bigger garden is to get a deck with some trees planted around.

Backyard Deck Ideas 10
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Different idea that you can acquire is to have deck without edge and put plants instead.

Backyard Deck Ideas 11
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Next idea is suitable for you who have a hilly garden therefore a high deck will be a good bet. Don’t forget to install edge.

Backyard Deck Ideas 12
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Classic multilayered deck can also be an option with stairs and wide surface where you can place anything to decorate.

Backyard Deck Ideas 13
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More option is to have a deck under the shade of a big tree. So, don’t chop out your tree!

Backyard Deck Ideas 14
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Rather than only focusing on the deck, you can also focus on the surroundings. Graveled path and grass area will be good to accompany as the view for the deck.

Backyard Deck Ideas 15
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Last but not least you can combine deck and pergola for shade with natural color like brown and white.

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