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15 Best RV Remodeling Idea Designs for Your Van

Rv Remodeling Idea 17Source Pinterest

RV remodeling idea is one of the most sought after idea for those who love road trip. Having a remodeled RV means you can have your very own house in all different places. A RV remodeling idea involves not only financial ability but also creativity and personality. Our 15 best RV remodeling idea designs for your van might inspire you more. Or at least, it will boost your courage to get your very own RV remodeling idea.

RV Remodeling Idea Designs for Van

Getting your RV remodeled means designing the most comfortable room or house for your journey. Thus, RV remodeling idea can involve many designs, colors, motives, and they all depend on your style. Of course you can build a comfy sofa, but nobody can judge you if you want a café inside the RV. Or, if you want a complete house along with kitchen and bathroom, nobody can say anything!

Best RV Remodeling Idea Designs for Your Van

Rv Remodeling Idea 1
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The first RV remodeling idea that will delight you is this turquoise-themed interior. Never forget to utilize the lower part for storage!

Rv Remodeling Idea 2
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Second RV remodeling idea is more appropriate for those who will have short trip. The cozy sitting area next to the window will be a priceless remodeling project.

Rv Remodeling Idea 3
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Now, focus on the cabinet and sink. Do you see that it almost looks like a house with all the motives detail? What a great RV remodeling idea.

Rv Remodeling Idea 4
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Remember, color is also an important aspect while thinking about RV remodeling idea. White will be a good bet to create a sense of bigger space.

Rv Remodeling Idea 5
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Fifth idea is to take some house furniture and utilize the upper part for storage. Don’t forget the curtains!

Rv Remodeling Idea 6
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Rather than leaving too many space inside the RV, you can also create a house-like interior where you can store all your needs.

Rv Remodeling Idea 7
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Next idea involves a play of light, minimalist look and some faux fur which will make you feel completely at home (but moving).

More of the Best RV Remodeling Idea Designs for You

Rv Remodeling Idea 9
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When you have a trip with baby, focusing on the comfortable bed will be a wise decision. Also, some storages and sink.

Rv Remodeling Idea 10
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Remember that it is not always basic and pastel color when you design an RV interior. Green can also be a refreshing choice to accompany the less bright color.

Rv Remodeling Idea 11
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So, who said that RV interior cannot look rustic and stylish? This RV has been modified with wooden materials and mini chimney. Now you can see how tempting the design is!

Rv Remodeling Idea 12
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Another idea is to combine kitchen and seats to create mini house on the road.

Rv Remodeling Idea 13
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Moreover, combination of wooden floor and fluffy chair are good choices too.

Rv Remodeling Idea 14
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Then, what about getting a real sofa into the RV? Not only will it create the comfort, but also the elegance.

Rv Remodeling Idea 15
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Sometimes, going a bit colorful will also decorate your day during the long journey.

Rv Remodeling Idea 16
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Finally, for those who wish to take elegance and luxury into the RV, chandelier will be the smart choice.

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