15 Breeze Rock Wall Ideas for Stylish House

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Besides a gate or full wall as a border between the house and outer world, you can also utilize breeze rock wall. Breeze rock wall, sometimes called breeze block wall or architectural screen block is definitely a great choice. The breeze rock wall which first produced in 1930s is not only good for exterior but also interior. So, here we present you 15 breeze rock wall ideas for stylish house with a lot of motives to choose.

Breeze Rock Wall Ideas for House

The motives of breeze rock wall is endless and you can even make your own with the help of concrete and ready case. Other than that, you can also improve your creativity by building breeze rock wall made of standard brick. Not only that, you can also decide whether the wall will have more or less holes. Shortly, breeze rock wall are simply easy to customize.

Best Breeze Rock Wall Ideas

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First breeze rock wall you can take as option is simply a pile of stucco. See, they are functional, easy to build and have reasonably good price.

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Other than that you can also take breeze wall with two designs put together. Remember that you can utilize the space too!

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Sometimes, you might want to have more privacy. Thus, building a breeze wall with smaller holes might be a good decision.

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Also, you can also utilize the breeze wall as more than just a wall, like pergola. Not only will a pergola be a good decoration, they also provide shade.

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Well you might also want to take these breeze blocks with fig landscape for your backyard.

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Rather than just building block wall with motive, why not partner it up with the other furniture?

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However, for those who love classic design, taking a simple pyramid motive might be a good option too.

More of the Best Breeze Rock Wall Ideas

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So, the picture of this block wall was taken in Brisbane, Australia. The star design is not only classic but also provide good air circulation.

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Remember, block wall is not only good for exterior. Like this kitchen which turns much sweeter with the appearance of macramé like block wall.

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More than just as a border between the house and outer world, block wall is also great as a normal wall.

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Other than that, block wall also has function as a wall extension.

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Cheaper alternative to take is creating block wall made of concrete and put the holes on your own. The power of creativity.

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Of course you can also combine two designs of block wall to stay side by side in front of your house.

Breeze Rock Wall 14
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More idea is to take this block wall with complicated holes but cool.

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Lastly, you can also set them as a part of ornamental wall that provides artistic decoration.

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