14 Best Future Architecture Idea for Your House

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Anything from the future is exciting, including the talk about future architecture idea. Not only future architecture idea is fun to look at, it also gives us more freedom to choose. More than that, future architecture idea for house is always full of artistic aspect rather than just function that can be boring. Even more you can also build it depends on your purpose such as ecofriendly or modern look. Here are our 14 best future architecture idea for your upcoming house.

Future Architecture Idea for Your House

People might still think that future architecture idea usually takes the square shape or silver color. Yet, it is actually quite flexible depends on the architect, designer, owner, and many more. Future architecture idea for your house can also be rustic, shabby, or even nature-friendly.  Usually, it involves various aspects including the characteristic of the owner. So choose your style!

Best Future Architecture Idea for Upcoming House

Future Architecture Idea 1
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First of all, a luxurious future architecture idea which looks is a combination of simpler French and Mediterranean style.

Future Architecture Idea 2
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Secondly, you might want to still take the full-square and straight design for complete modernity.

Future Architecture Idea 3
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The third future architecture idea that you can take as inspiration is a minimalist house .

Future Architecture Idea 4
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A fan of white may pick this design as inspiration. More than that, some blue and yellow lighting will create an elegant vibe, too.

Future Architecture Idea 5
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Next option is to build a house with glass-wall which represent open future community.

Future Architecture Idea 6
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One of the best architecture idea for the future might be to take basic color and simple furniture. And also, big windows seem like a trend.

Future Architecture Idea 7
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Besides building a house with less common design, future house is also about mixing styles. Like this modern house with Japanese style yard.

Some More of the Best Future Architecture Idea for Upcoming House

Future Architecture Idea 8
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Other than going simple and modern, you can also pick a more classic choice like this Roman style house. And partner up the building with modern stuff.

Future Architecture Idea 9
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Not only the worm can live under the hill, if you want to remain eco friendly, this might be the choice.

Future Architecture Idea 10
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Rather than building a house with two-floor, house with higher ceiling might be more suitable. Like this, you will breathe better.

Future Architecture Idea 11
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Again, future idea is about mixing things. Why not take carpet and bricked wall to accompany your minimalist door?

Future Architecture Idea 12
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Other than thinking about the design, you can also build the future house with more play of the light.

Future Architecture Idea 15
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Obviously, in the future you can also still build a simple house with garden.

Future Architecture Idea 16
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Finally, you can also take a less common design.

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