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15 Lovely Macramé Ideas for Wall Decoration

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Doing macramé is one fun thing that you can do besides many other handcraft activities. Various macramé ideas are fun to do even if you are still a beginner. Many macramé ideas are good for decorations at home. Not only you can hang it on the wall, but you can also wrap the flower pot. Or if you are fond of making clothes, many macramé ideas can inspire you to make your own outwear. Look up our 15 lovely macramé ideas for wall decoration.

Lovely Macramé Ideas for Wall

A macramé was first discovered in the Assyrian and Babylonian culture. Unlike knitting or weaving, macramé usually uses bigger yarn or rope. Other than that, the bigger macramé uses wooden or metal dowel and rod to support the finish product. The craft and word macramé comes to France from Turkish makrama and Arabic mighramah. The technique used is knotting or by securing rope or yarn by tying or interweaving.

Lovely Macramé Ideas

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First of all, you can do one of this great macramé ideas by using two dowel supports. Also, you can get more than one colors such as white, green, and black.

Macrame Ideas 2
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Second macramé ideas for you is by letting curl part below and simply hang it on the wall. Other than that you can also have fun with the patterns.

Macrame Ideas 3
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Not only a straight rod, you can also use circular wooden dowel. And you can do macramé ideas inspired by dream catcher.

Macrame Ideas 4
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When you have mastered the skill, of course you will be interested in this upside down style that resembles a tree.

Macrame Ideas 5
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Even if you have just started, with patience you can make one of this super cute macramé ideas for wall decoration. Well, you can also use it for curtain or wallpaper.

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Remember that any rod shapes will make a good macramé looks lovelier. Just like this one with embossed like rope pattern.

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Coupled with interesting patterns of the macramé, your wall will surely be amazing to look at.

Lovelier Macramé Ideas

Macrame Ideas 8
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Rather than creating difficult patterns, you may want to try a colorful yet easy macramé.

Macrame Ideas 9
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Besides using macramé for wall decoration, you can also wrap your lamp. And of course you can make circular knot rather than straight.

Macrame Ideas 10
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If you never thought of incorporating braid to your macramé, well it is one of the prettiest pattern.

Macrame Ideas 11
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This one might be for a more advanced macramé crafter. But yeah, you can consider it a goal to keep developing your macramé skill.

Macrame Ideas 12
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You can also combine pattern and color for your macramé.

Macrame Ideas 13
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Other than the white domination, you can also think about different color without using white at all.

Macrame Ideas 14
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Well, what can I say about this one? Lovely macramé pattern that might need dedication but worth it! And don’t forget to feed the cat!

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Finally, just like how the word makrama means napkin in Turkish, you still can use your macramé for table cloth!

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