15 Simple DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas for Amazing Decoration

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You might see wooden pallet in so many places, usually a storage room. However, you might have not seen it used as various house furniture. Once you see wooden pallet, perhaps it comes as a trash in your mind. Yet, with our 15 simple DIY wooden pallet ideas for amazing decoration you will have the best and most unique house furniture.

Simple DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas

Wooden pallet is a wooden flat-bladed instrument usually use for handling or moving materials. DIY wooden pallet involves the use of such materials either new or secondhand one. Besides that, to make a DIY wooden pallet decoration you will also need different things like nails, iron bars, paint, and hammers. All the materials needed depend on what kind of DIY wooden pallet you want to make. However, we hope that the DIY wooden pallet presented here are simple enough.

DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas for Decoration

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First of all you can create a super simple and cheap yet amazing DIY wooden pallet table. Just add iron or steel bars for the leg, it will be a sturdy home décor.

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Other than that, you can also use the part underneath the surface for storage. Rather than just being a table.

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Despite still looking unpolished and half done, this DIY wooden pallet patio coffee table will be dashing once done.

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How about a DIY wooden pallet porch painted white? Well, a longer wooden pallet is even more useful, right?

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More than table, you can also build a simple yet comfortable fluffy chair. Also, don’t forget to utilize the side part for magazine rack.

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Besides wide-surfaced wooden pallet, you can also use the narrower one for mini table.

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A bench is also a good choice for wooden pallet transformation.

More DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas

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Other than that, you can also make a multifunctional shelf out of your used wooden pallet.

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A coffee table might really be the most common idea, but try to make a difference. Well, such as by utilizing all the storage parts for various stuff.

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Furthermore, you can also create hangers out of the pallet.

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If you have quite a lot of wooden pallets, you can also make a bed frame rather than buying a super expensive one.

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Not only wooden pallet with full surface, you can also use imperfect secondhand one to create this wonderful table.

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Of course you can also create chest drawers out of the wooden pallet.

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Rather than just make a bed frame out of the wooden pallet, why not use the lower space for drawers?

Diy Wooden Pallet 15
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Last but not least, you can also let your dog enjoy a fluffy, wide, and safe bed made of wooden pallet!


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