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15 Apartment Decoration Ideas from Minimalist to Classic

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Apartment is one of the most common type of housing in the big city. Usually, the design of an apartment is exactly the same with all the other apartment in the same building. Therefore, people keep looking for apartment decoration ideas. Apartment decoration should not only be beautiful but also represents yourself. Here we present 15 apartment decoration ideas from minimalist to classic.

Miscellaneous Apartment Decoration Ideas

There are a lot of designs available for your apartment. Decorating an apartment is almost like playing a house where you can match everything. Therefore, rather than thinking about a traditional style, you can create your own style by combining them all. By doing this, your apartment will feel like created only for you.

Wonderful Apartment Decoration Ideas

Apartment Decoration 1
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Well, the very first apartment decoration involves a more minimalist design with big windows.

Apartment Decoration 2
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Talking about minimalist, you can also put furniture with pastel color for your apartment decoration.

Apartment Decoration 3
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Another apartment decoration you might want to try is pastel color with some artistic furniture.

Apartment Decoration 4
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Don’t be afraid of black paint! Remember that combined with the right decoration, your black wall will look elegant.

Apartment Decoration 5
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Other than that you can also combine many colors for your apartment decoration.

Apartment Decoration 6
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Besides that, you can also take a bolder step by getting a more classic look.

Apartment Decoration 7
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Also, you don’t have to be afraid to install a lot of small lamps rather than only one big lamp.

Apartment Decoration 8
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Moreover, you can also make statement through smaller decorations like carpet or basket.

More Inspiration for Apartment Decoration Ideas

Apartment Decoration 9
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Rather than just decide to use tile or marble, why not use brick for your floor?

Apartment Decoration 10
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Additionally, you can also use drawers for your small apartment room. Like this, you will get many storage.

Apartment Decoration 11
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Well, if you don’t like to have an open area for your bed, build additional wall. Also, black and white will never go wrong.

Apartment Decoration 12
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For those who like to combine classic and minimalist, red can complement basic colors well.

Apartment Decoration 13
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Moreover, playing all white and some pastels will make your apartment looks modern.

Apartment Decoration 15
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Also, you don’t need to be afraid of a darker color or colors considered grim.

Apartment Decoration 16
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Lastly, it is not wrong to hang a colorful decoration in your minimalist apartment.



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