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16 Rustic Farmhouse Design Ideas for Stylish Home

Rustic Farmhouse Design 16Source Pinterest

Nowadays rustic farmhouse design is becoming more popular. Started as an alternative decoration idea, rustic farmhouse design is now everybody’s favorite. Not only that, the rustic farmhouse design has also invited many people to share their very own way of decorating house. Therefore, we also present our 16 rustic farmhouse design ideas for stylish home. These design ideas include the use of various materials from new to secondhand one.

Rustic Farmhouse Design for Home

Usually contains pastel colors and shabby looks, rustic farmhouse design often makes you feel the countryside vibe. Moreover, the design also utilizes the use of old and secondhand furniture. As we know, these furniture used to take no place in the world of interior design at all. However, rustic farmhouse design takes them to fill up and even beautify all part of the house.

Rustic Farmhouse Design Inspiration

Rustic Farmhouse Design 1
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Old wooden pallet table might not appeal anyone without all standing by itself. Yet, with the combination of all decorations from rustic farmhouse design, it is now lit.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 2
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Second option of rustic farmhouse design is to combine earthy colors to every detail in the room.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 3
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More than that, you can also combine minimalist lamps with wooden cabinets and bricked-wall.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 4
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Remember, being rustic is about creating the feeling of countryside. So, you can also take it to any room, like your office.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 5
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Another way is to decorate the pale wall with various wooden goods and artworks.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 6
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Also, it is not wrong to combine classic with rustic. Like this, not only will you get a countryside feeling, but also mid-century taste.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 7
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If you prefer to be simpler, brown and earthy color with minimal wooden décor might be a good choice.

More Inspiration for Rustic Farmhouse Design

Rustic Farmhouse Design 8
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Enhancing a certain part in the house with planter boxes and old school table lamps and wooden box is also a good way.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 9
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Not only a pit area will give you warmth, the use of wood logs will also add the rustic feeling.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 10
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More than that, you can also focus on a small table with fake fruits and woven basket as details.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 11
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Sometimes, creating rustic design is more about accepting the uneven paint on wall.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 12
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Rustic is definitely matched well with luxurious design. Perhaps you can create a DIY hanging lamp made of twigs that will steal the show.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 13
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Adding an essential part of a farm like animal photo and fruits will also make the house look cute.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 14
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Do not waste all your wooden pallet boxes and use them as coffee table, how cool!

Rustic Farmhouse Design 15
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Other than that, you can also go fully rustic and country by providing old heater and classic wardrobe.

Rustic Farmhouse Design 16
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Lastly, you might as well go rustic by focusing on the ceiling.

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