17 Vertical Garden Tips for House with Small or No Yard

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A vertical garden is one of the smart ways for micro gardening. Since many people start living in apartment or small house, vertical garden has become more common. However, not a lot of people know what to do to start a vertical garden project. Therefore, here we are going to share 17 vertical garden tips for house with small or no yard. Hopefully, the tips and ideas will ease your working process.

Creating Vertical Garden At Home

Despite having a small or even no yard, no one can deny that people need plants to refresh their spirit. Thus, many people take time to create their very own garden that will fulfill their vertical medium. However, many ended up doing the wrong things or cannot maintain the lifespan of their plants. Here are our vertical garden tips to ease your day.

Some Vertical Garden Tips

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First of all, think to use the vertical space wisely since it will involve constructing the medium.

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Second, choose the permanency of the container based on your expectation of the garden.

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Third, it is also not wrong to use any materials that you have for your garden. Used pipe will be a good container.

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Next, you also need to plan the pattern of the plants since the very beginning.

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Besides that, don’t forget to choose the medium that you will use for planting since wall is not a good one.

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Moreover, you also have to think about the structure by thinking about the plant watering process that you will do regularly.

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Most importantly, choose the plants wisely. Since some plants do not go well for vertical garden.

More Vertical Garden Tips for Tiny Yard

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Another tip is not underestimating DIY product for garden container. Not only are they beautiful, but also let you get creative.

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Other than that, you might not want your garden disturbs anyone who enters the room. Thus, think of the location wisely.

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More than that, you can also decorate based on the space width.

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Additionally, you might as well mix plants inside a container.

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Moreover, when you want your garden to be sturdy, think about the supports’ material and construction.

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The next tip involves consideration of windy weather in your area. If it is quite strong, this pretty DIY container should not become your choice.

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Or, if you want to make sure the garden is strong enough, you might add tie support.

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Besides that, legs for vertical garden that touches the ground might be a good option too.

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Also, you can think of indoor vertical garden using wood logs and plants that need less light exposure.

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Last tips is to create garden “without” medium. In fact, it is actually utilizing ropes or yarn that make your garden looks magical.

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