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16 Outdoor Planter Boxes Ideas for Colorful Mini Garden

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Some people might have less area for garden and thus opt to take outdoor planter boxes instead. Outdoor planter boxes are definitely a good idea for people with small yard. Not only will they become a good garden container, but also let you easily manage the garden. Our 16 outdoor planter boxes ideas for colorful mini garden might help you to choose some of the best designs. So, let the worry go since outdoor planter boxes are here to help small garden get rad!

Outdoor Planter Boxes Ideas for Colorful Garden

Having even a small garden is getting more difficulty by day since soil seems to be a lot pricier. Therefore, outdoor planter boxes will be a good idea to be both decoration and gardening medium. Other than that, you can also pick many kinds of outdoor planter boxes that will beautify your yard. Besides that, outdoor planter boxes are also a suitable furniture for home interior.

Outdoor Planter Boxes Designs

Outdoor Planter Boxes 1
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First of all, why not take a wood plank outdoor planter box to put on your graveled yard?

Outdoor Planter Boxes 2
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Other than taking small outdoor planter boxes, you can also build a big permanent one!

Outdoor Planter Boxes 3
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More than that, planter boxes made of concrete will also become good idea to do.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 4
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Rather than just taking a simple design, get more creative by putting legs made of steel for sturdier box.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 5
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Also, you can take the square-shaped one. And, don’t forget to provide holes underneath.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 6
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Dark brown box will be a very elegant color to accompany the plants and flowers. Well, obviously because it is the color of the ground.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 7
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You might also want to add legs for the box to ease the moving process.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 8
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Other than a simple cubic or block, why not take boxes with different size for your garden?

More Outdoor Planter Boxes Designs

Outdoor Planter Boxes 9
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Moreover, you can also put the box on the patio. Also, layered planter box made of wooden pallet will be a sweet decoration.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 10
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Not only can you use the container for plants, with space below, your box will also be useful to put gardening tools.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 11
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Rather than picking up a simple box, you can also go for the more luxurious one. Like this shiny planter box.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 12
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A planter box will also look pretty when combined with vertical garden.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 13
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Besides thinking about the design, why not think about the color of your planter box?

Outdoor Planter Boxes 14
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Sometimes, you can also construct many planter boxes from concrete. Like this, you can classify your plants without hassle.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 15
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More idea is to put a permanent planter box with a more eco-friendly material like wood planks.

Outdoor Planter Boxes 16
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Lastly, have your ever thought of building a vertical garden inside a planter box? That will be an out of the box idea!

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