15 Upper Cabinet Boxes Ideas for Better Storage

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Cabinet is one important part of the house, especially for kitchen. Usually it is in the form of upper cabinet boxes, so it will be easier to access and take less space. Upper cabinet boxes is, in fact, simply a box where you store all your needs in the kitchen and other rooms. Yet, upper cabinet boxes do not only have one type of designs but more. Therefore we also want to add up your reference through our 15 upper cabinet boxes ideas for better storage. Moreover, you can also put a style for your house.

Upper Cabinet Boxes Ideas for Storage

Decorating your kitchen or any other rooms with upper cabinet boxes can take time and will need a lot of planning. Although you can also ask for the professional help. Yet, sometimes there are upper cabinet boxes that are actually quite easy to do by yourself. In case you want to build your own, usually, it will take woods as the main material. However you can also use other materials, and additionally you will need nails, hinges and knobs.

Upper Cabinet Boxes Ideas

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First upper cabinet boxes design that you can take is the combination of full long box and half box. This can be put over the stove.

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Second option if you do not want to put the upper cabinet boxes in the kitchen is by making a shelf-like one. Like this, you can put many things in the open and easily access them.

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Next, why not combine a transparent and wooden door?

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Well, you can also combine small wine ‘cellar’ for your cabinet.

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Other than that, you can also change the position of the hinge.

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Besides that, you can also take a smaller boxes that resemble drawers for your small stuff.

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Like the photo said, adventures in decorating. Therefore you can change a bit of detail on the cabinet, like the knob’s position.

More Upper Cabinet Boxes Ideas

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Sometimes cabinet does not need to have door. And you can also hang it in different way.

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Other than using wood material for the cabinet’s door, you can also pick the one with glass material.

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Different option might be to use a cabinet with frosted glass.

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Next option is to use different knob that you can grab better.

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Also, you can combine open and close cabinet. Therefore you can put the easily forgotten stuff in the open.

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Rather than just opting to cabinets with only big storage room, you can also pick cabinets with smaller storage room. Like this, you can organize things better without making plates loaded like mountain, for example.

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When you have smaller kitchen, you can also mix cabinet with small, big, and open storage area.

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Finally, do not hesitate to take cabinet with slimmer storage area.

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