15 Refreshing Shade Garden Ideas for Your Yard

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The term shade garden is simply a garden with less or no direct sunlight because it has shed. This garden can happen naturally or with the help of human’s design. Usually, shade garden is put under the trees, at the side of fences or also building. Shade garden will help some plants that do not need too much sunlight exposure to stay fresh. Other than that, it will also let you cool down during the heat. Here we have 15 refreshing shade garden ideas for your yard.

Shade Garden Ideas for Yard

Not only shade garden can consist of many different plants, you can also add some beautiful flowers for color and scent. Also, unlike how people think, a shade garden can also occur in the open air with only some parts get the shade. More than that, you can also design a shade garden between a normal gardens.

Shade Garden Ideas

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The first garden shows a sample of mix garden where some parts have the sheds from bigger tree.

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Second shade garden idea will definitely involve a bigger yard. Yet, you can also create the smaller version by planting smaller tree with bushy leaves to shade the other plants.

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Well, various plants under a cooling tree will be your ultimate garden.

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Different idea is to have various plants under two trees growing on different sides which leaves are bowing to the middle.

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Again, the best yet simple idea is to have natural shed from a bigger tree for your smaller plants. Not only will they get the shed, they might also benefit from its nutrition.

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Also, you can create a different shed by combining trees and benches.

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Besides that, you can also add some flagstones for the path to your shade deck.

More Shade Garden Ideas

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Other idea is to create a minimal shed to let the plants get some sunlight. Since some plants might not grow well without any direct sunlight exposure.

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Other than using tree with abundant leaves, you can also use plants which has wide-surfaced leaves.

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Remember, you can also make the shed from artificial materials such as a building.

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A different combination of plants might provide shed to each other.

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Other than that you can also use a combination of tree and roof.

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Next idea, you can also organize garden with big tree as a shed for both the pedestrian and smaller plants.

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Yet, planting flowers under the tree can also create a good view. Isn’t it just like a prairie already?

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Finally, you can also utilize the space under the balcony or higher deck for shed.

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