15 Flower Garden Ideas for A Beautiful Lawn Decoration

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A classic dream of all house owner is to have flower garden in their yard. Smelling the good scent of and looking at the colorful flower will absolutely re-energize one’s spirit. Moreover, many types of flower garden also let you to have fun by decorating them. We also have 15 flower garden ideas for a beautiful lawn decoration that will give you more choices. Not only they look stunning, some of them are also suitable for smaller flower garden.

Flower Garden Ideas for Lawn Decoration

Using the help of materials like wood planks, stones, pebbles, and even the remain of chopped tree, you can create a wonderful flower garden. Additionally, you can also combine some flowers planted side by side to enhance the colorful look.

Flower Garden Ideas

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With wood plank edged, you can make border for your flower garden. For the big yard, it means some space for different decor. At the same time, smaller garden can also take the idea.

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More option is to take wooden pallet edged for your mini flower garden.

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Or, you can also let them without any edges. Yet, you might want to separate the ground space only for flowers and grass for you to step on.

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For fortunate people who have big yard, mini-river might complement the garden flower well.

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Rather than leaving a chopped tree becomes a waste bin, why not put some pretty flowers?

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Besides using the front yard, you can also utilize the side space of house yard. Remember that you can choose to add edges or let it be without edge.

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Also, you can create patterns with your flowers. However, one thing to remember this might need more maintenance.

Some More Flower Garden Ideas

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Different idea that you can follow is also to put the flowers in front of the windows.

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If you just have no space for a garden, why not plant them on the pot? Not only will it beautify your wall, but also refresh your mind whenever you look out.

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Rather than only planting flowers, you can also mix them with green plants.

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Well, you can also plant the flowers on both the soil and pot.

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Another option is to leave a square space on your small yard for flowers. Additionally you might want to add edges made from pebbles, or perhaps bricks.

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Rather than thinking of edges, you can also use the remaining soil for your flowers. Besides, the paves are already there as the edges.

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Well, this might not be a garden, but it is also a medium to plant flowers especially for a house without yard.

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Finally, people who love unique idea might want to utilize an old bed frame to organize your flowers.

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