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14 Ideas for Breeze Block Wall Inspiration

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Some people might want an outdoor space without being too bare in the open air. Well, you have some choices to tweak this problem, one of them is by utilizing breeze block wall. Breeze block wall or also commonly known as architectural screen block has been around since 1930s and currently makes a comeback. The breeze block wall is not only applicable for exterior, but also interior decoration. Therefore we present you 14 ideas for breeze block wall inspiration.

Ideas for Breeze Block Wall Inspiration

There are many design choices of breeze block wall that you can pick depend on your taste and budget. Other than that, you can also choose it base on the holes present. If you want to make the area more open, then you can pick breeze block wall with bigger and more holes. Furthermore, you can always make your own if you are not satisfied with the options in the market. Since it is made of concrete and ash.

Breeze Block Wall Inspiration

Breeze Block Wall 1
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First of all you can consider the square block wall that is highly flexible for both indoor and outdoor décor.

Breeze Block Wall 2
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Second alternative is by combining more than one designs of breeze block wall. Yes, diamond shaped and rectangle are for each other.

Breeze Block Wall 3
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Besides thinking of the design, you can also paint it in the same color with the wall.

Breeze Block Wall 4
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So, do you think you have artistic soul? Sometimes a wall with full of different breeze block walls is really amazing.

Breeze Block Wall 5
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Not only the block wall is suitable to give a breeze, it is also good to be a barrier between rooms.

Breeze Block Wall 6
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Next choice is to put your breeze block wall on more than one side of the walls.

Breeze Block Wall 7
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Of course you can use the block wall to cover your private swimming pool, too.

Further Breeze Block Wall Inspiration

Breeze Block Wall 8
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Sometimes you might just need a common lightweight concrete block and put it up by providing some spaces.

Breeze Block Wall 9
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Probably you can also consider the block wall as wall decoration!

Breeze Block Wall 10
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Besides produced with concrete, you can also consider using a thinner material like duplex or steel.

Breeze Block Wall 11
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Again, block wall can also be painted as you wish and combined with anything, such as woods.

Breeze Block Wall 12
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Other than going with the same patterns, you can also play up by putting block walls only on some parts of the wall.

breeze block wall 14
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Yet, perhaps nobody ever thought of utilizing block wall for their main wall, right? See how cool it is.

Breeze Block Wall 15
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Finally, why not pick block wall that looks like clam shell? It is beautiful!      

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