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15 French Country Decor Ideas for Your Home Interior

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French country is actually an inspiration coming from homes at Provence in France. Therefore the French country decor usually incorporates woodwork, ruffles, and mixed patterns. The French country decor also commonly has neutral colors that provide soft and romantic feeling. Some of the colors often applied in French country decor are beige, grey, white, and creamy white with accents of pale version of bright colors. We present you 15 French country decor ideas for your home interior.

French Country Decor for Your Home

We can also say that French country decor creates the impression of rustic and elegance at the same time. This style of interior and exterior decoration lets you play with both rustic, shabby looking furniture and also luxurious looking ones. However, most of the time the dominating colors are never going too far from the choices mentioned above. Yet, you can make the change in your house, too!

French Country Decor Ideas

French Country Decor 1
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First French country décor that you can consider to create a rustic yet elegant home is by incorporating big sofa. Don’t forget a candlestick!

French Country Decor 2
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This second option might take French country decor to a different step because of the pale blue wall. Yet, you can still see the classic look from the table and drawers.

French Country Decor 3
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Next you can also go all creamy rather than white to create a more rustic feeling to your French country décor.

French Country Decor 4
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Other than emphasizing on color, you can also incorporate many furniture to create the look.

French Country Decor 5
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If you prefer the more elegant side of the design, you can tone down to still make it rustic by picking pastel color.

French Country Decor 6
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Besides combining pastel color, you can also get some lavender color. For your information, lavender is like everywhere all over Provence.

French Country Decor 7
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Or, you can take this luxurious design where cabinets are carefully crafted and the chairs are resembling European royal. Yet, they still appear rustic.

More of French Country Decor Ideas

French Country Decor 8
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Of course you should not forget the bedroom. Other than creating rustic look, a pastel colored bed is also more relaxing.

French Country Decor 9
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Sometimes, you can also get a bit brighter despite applying French country design.

French Country Decor 10
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Nobody said that marbled table is impossible. Yet again, tone down the color to be more pastel.

French Country Decor 11
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Coupled with black, your pastel dominated kitchen will still look as rustic and French.

French Country Decor 12
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Rather than using real lavender, you might want to take a lavender-patterned sofa instead.

French Country Decor 13
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Well, you should not forget the working space. Here, you can also play with the floor materials.

French Country Decor 14
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Despite being more reddish than pastel, you cannot say that there is no French country feeling to this room.

French Country Decor 15
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Finally, why not combine the French country design with a bit more French royal decoration?

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