15 Beautiful Irish Cottage Inspiration for Home Design

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In the past, an Irish cottage is used as a house for laborers and farm workers. However, the recent years its function has changed to be more romantic, unique, and relaxing kind of place. Irish cottage has many designs in its origin country, Ireland. But the one that most likely modern people like more is the thatched roof one. Below we have 15 beautiful Irish cottage inspiration for home design for that will spark ideas for your very own traditional home.

Beautiful Irish Cottage Inspiration

Irish cottage or teachin in Irish usually has very modest design. It often has only basic rooms like bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom, with a small terrace. However, the rise of its demand in the recent years make the newly made Irish cottage can have bigger and more rooms too. The purpose of Irish cottage now is also no longer quite practical and more to be a holiday house or villa. Therefore, its beautiful location is also important nowadays.

Beautiful Irish Cottage Ideas

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First choice you can think of is a small Irish cottage with thatched roof and small attic room.

Irish Cottage 2
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Secondly, you can also pick an Irish cottage with roof rather than thatch. Moreover, do not forget to add plants and flowers in the yard. Classic!

Irish Cottage 3
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Third alternative for Irish cottage is the architecture of the building. It does not always need to be square and small, but also can be long with one main small door.

Irish Cottage 4
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Rather than simply using plain thatched roof, you can also mix it with a bit of embroidery. And still, do not forget pretty windows and chimney.

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Sometimes, you can also take half door and half windows. Also do not forget the rough walls.

Irish Cottage 6
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Despite its small size, a cottage can also have many windows and yards.

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Well, some people may only want a cottage style house, without really copying every single part of it. Therefore, this building can be your other alternative for cottage style house.

And Some More Beautiful Irish Cottage Ideas

Irish Cottage 8
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Perhaps, you can incorporate old and new by having a cottage house with attic and garage.

Irish Cottage 9
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Of course you can create the exact same cottage as the old farmers, by adding a productive land!

Irish Cottage 10
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Obviously, this cottage inspiration has some untrimmed plants. Yet, you can take the good side, that with trimmed plants this will be a good house.

Irish Cottage 11
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Other than for a house, you can also make a bigger cottage nowadays. Still with the classic thatched roof and still look like classic pretty barn.

Irish Cottage 12
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Different option might be to incorporate a bigger yard that you can use for productive activity. Or simply to make it look prettier.

Irish Cottage 13
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Moreover, you can also have two chimneys that make the cottage looks like having antenna. Other than that, symmetrical looking windows and door in the middle, oh so classic!

Irish Cottage 14
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For a place for a weekend getaway, a small cottage made of planks and with big yard is surely a good choice.

Irish Cottage 15
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Finally, do not hesitate to paint your cottage with some colors!


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