15 Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Home


A kitchen cabinet is what you need to store all your equipment and ingredients in the cookery part of the house. However, despite its clear purpose, cabinet also comes with a lot of design choices. It is because a kitchen cabinet can also beautify the room where all your food comes from. We have 15 awesome kitchen cabinet ideas for stylish cooking space that will inspire you more. Rather than simply going the way of most people, why not be different and unique!

Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Your cabinet does not need to follow a certain rule, but should rather come from your creative mind. Of course it needs to be functional and has the ability for storage. Yet, nobody said it should be installed over the stove, or it should be square, or it should be tall. Furthermore, your house is yours to decide, not anyone, not even an expert!

Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

Kitchen Cabinet 1
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First of all, you can take both the safe and the adventurous way by letting the top parts of kitchen cabinet open. You can put all your pretty and rarely used equipment there.

Kitchen Cabinet 2
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Second option, you can combine many drawers and two-door cabinet to put a lot of things. Perhaps, you can have one part with see-through door.

Kitchen Cabinet 3
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While kitchen cabinet is useful, do not let it block the beautiful scenery outside. Therefore, one of the ways is by installing a part of single kitchen cabinet higher than the window. Also, let the other parts have numerous room for storage!

Kitchen Cabinet 4
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Probably, some of you have never thought of using the area over the door to put a kitchen cabinet. Is it because the possibility of blocking the way? Why not putting the rarely used stuff there?

Kitchen Cabinet 5
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The fifth option will be having a kitchen cabinet with bookshelf-like structure. Of course you will love it!

Kitchen Cabinet 6
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Again and again, do not let anyone dictate you. Take a part of your cabinet for wine cellar, that would be cool!

Kitchen Cabinet 7
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Next choice is what I believe to be one of the most genius ideas. Yes, you can also utilize the side slim part of a cabinet!

More Awesome Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet 8
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And yes, a sliding cabinet will be nice too.

Kitchen Cabinet 9
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Moreover, you can combine every style of cabinet if you really have a big kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet 10
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Not only that you can put your kitchen stuff in the open, but you can also leave some space for recipe books!

Kitchen Cabinet 11
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Perhaps going simple is a good choice not to make you overstuffing the kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet 12
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Also, why not install an all see-through cabinet for hard to reach part?

Kitchen Cabinet 13
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Sometimes a simple cabinet with glass is really what you need, plus some drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet 14
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Other than a sliding cabinet on the lower part, you can make it on the top part too! It will protect your machine.

Kitchen Cabinet 15
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Last but not least, why not paint your cabinet like your most favorite color?

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