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14 of the Best Joanna Gaines Decoration Ideas

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A very lovely woman, Joanna Gaines has been taking the spotlight for home decoration since her appearance on TV program “Fixer Upper” with husband, Chip Gaines on 2013. Despite their separation from the show recently, with the Magnolia Homes, she has created her very own Joanna Gaines decoration. The so called Joanna Gaines decoration has shown her very own design to beautify homes which were not even worth to look at before. Here are 15 of the best Joanna Gaines decoration ideas.

Joanna Gaines Decoration Ideas

For her design, Joanna often incorporates rustic, farmhouse styles, and some architectural letters around the house. Other than that, Joanna Gaines decoration also uses a lot of pastel colors and shabby materials. However, it does not mean the Joanna Gaines decoration is not worth the value. Besides making the house pretty, it is also a sustainable style for your home.

Best Joanna Gaines Decoration Ideas

Joanna Gaines Decoration 1
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First Joanna Gaines decoration is a rustic style with old table and pastel colored sofa.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 2
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Second style from Joanna Gaines decoration involves more color on the floor surface. Of course you do not need to paint the floor, but use a carpet with unique motive instead.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 3
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Third choice is by incorporating earthy color from many furniture. Also, you can hang some architectural letters behind.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 4
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Sometimes, Joanna Gaines decoration also utilizes more modern and clean looking style. Perhaps a chandelier and classic combination of black and white for table and chairs.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 5
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Next option is to mix basic colors like white, black, and brown. Classic and elegant.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 6
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Rather than using a real shabby materials, you might want to create only shabby vibe. Of course you can still use fancy chairs!

Joanna Gaines Decoration 7
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Moreover, you can also pay attention to the details. As you can see she likes greens in every part of her designs.

More of the Best Joanna Gaines Decoration

Joanna Gaines Decoration 8
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Obviously, she does not want to only decorate her common room. Yes, a deck with lined up bulbs will be very nice.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 9
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Rather than simply using white and earthy color, she also wants you to combine blue and red.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 10
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Sometimes, a simple looking sofa and one chair will create the most relaxing vibe of a common room.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 11
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Other than that, Joanna also likes to use similar color on many furniture. Hence, it is time to start your own collection. And make your own full-blown barn conversion to be home.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 13
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Also, Joanna likes to use a more colorful and ethnic design on her decoration.

Joanna Gaines Decoration 14
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And yes, Joanna and her husband can also turn a 60s ranch house to be a comfortable home with rustic style!

Joanna Gaines Decoration 15
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Finally, take a look at how a simple white and wood color can make this house looks cozy.


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