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14 Best Farmhouse Style Ideas

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A farmhouse style is marked with a simple and functional look. Other than that, the style also has character of rustic, shabby chic, and comfortable. Besides, the furniture are usually consisted of wood and galvanized steel materials. Sometimes, you will also really feel like you were surrounded by farm or village house. As farmhouse style is bombarding internet nowadays, we also present you 14 ideas for the best farmhouse style.

Ideas for the Best Farmhouse Style

Rather than focusing on aesthetic, farmhouse style emphasizes the functionality. Yet, internet culture has made aesthetic as one of the important aspects in any decoration style. Also for farmhouse style. Moreover, wood and steel are no longer the only things that you can use to create a farmhouse style. Of course, you can still use them, but glass and stone are not at all forbidden.

Farmhouse Style Ideas

Farmhouse Style 1
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First and foremost, a farmhouse style needs a fully functional furniture and even decoration. So does this room with wall of bookshelves.

Farmhouse Style 2
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Second idea involves a more rustic look. Besides using a perfectly painted cupboard, you can also think of using a shabby cupboard.

Farmhouse Style 3
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After all, shabby is one of the characteristics in farmhouse style. Why not optimize it by taking a secondhand table?

Farmhouse Style 4
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Of course you should not forget the deck! Do not say you have a farmhouse décor when you do not even have a single plant!

Farmhouse Style 5
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Again, the style can also utilize materials other than wood and steel. Like this marbled kitchen.

Farmhouse Style 6
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Or why not think of using old buckets for your plants!

Farmhouse Style 7
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Besides that, a secondhand racks can also be both useful and provided shabby look.

More Farmhouse Style Ideas

Farmhouse Style 8
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Well, of course you can add some things that only provide decoration purpose. Like architectural letters!

Farmhouse Style 9
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Sometimes, you can go plain to create a farmhouse décor. Remember, it is also about your taste.

Farmhouse Style 10
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Yet, many people will still opt to wood color and white for the classic farmhouse decoration.

Farmhouse Style 12
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Another choice might be incorporating white and brown. However, you can make it look less shabby and more polished. Also, do not forget to accompany the look with some antique décor.

Farmhouse Style 13
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Moreover, you do not need to fully take all secondhand stuff just to create the old and shabby look. Perhaps, take only old table mixed with brand new sofa? Aren’t they good together?

Farmhouse Style 14
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Coupled with old decoration, your room will also be able to achieve the rustic look.

Farmhouse Style 15
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Last but not least, do not forget small detail like woven baskets. They will spark the rustic and shabby character in your room.




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