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16 Camper Van Interior Design Ideas for You

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Talking about camper van, you might already have the thought of exploring wilderness or places with beautiful sceneries. Of course you are right! Yet, you might find that a camper van interior does not always suit your taste and need. However, buying the one that you like may cost all of your savings. So, why not check out our 16 camper van interior design ideas that we prepare for you.

Camper Van Interior Design Ideas

A camper van is one of anyone’s favorite vehicle for its double function, transportation and sleeping room. Yes, it is used by many people from individual, couple, to family. Nowadays, there are more and more people decorating the camper van interior or even their normal mini van to satisfy their desire. Therefore, before you really execute the plan of changing your camper van interior, here are some ideas.

Camper Van Interior Design

Camper Van Interior 1
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First choice for your camper van interior might be as simple as adding a bed, small shelf, and some lightings.

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Next choice is for you who really wants to live on the road for long time. Of course you will need stove, bathroom, bed, and some useful racks!

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Another option would be to modify your minivan to have a sleeping area plus an airing. And let more space for a more practical purpose.

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Yet, you might feel like adding some arts around to create the vibe of real home.

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Remember, you still need to sacrifice some things for a functional camper van interior. Like bed and kitchen with less empty space.

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Or, you can create a camper van interior with only sofa if you think of only using the vehicle for short trip.

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And you might not want to forget a small magazine rack for your camper van interior.

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Also, you might want to leave a space for storage above.

More Camper Van Interior Design

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And also, you can decide to only have one door to provide more area for other functional stuff.

Camper Van Interior 10
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Besides a vehicle, the camper van can also be your home. So, why not make a window?

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Coupled with drawers, your camper van will be as comfortable as home to store anything.

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Other than bed, sometimes you may want to feel another surface. Then, what about a leathered foldable chairs?

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Again, do not waste a single space of your van by adding drawers. It will be useful.

Camper Van Interior 14
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Well, sometimes you can design the van with only sofa and table too.

Camper Van Interior 15
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Furthermore, you can also modify the window so it will give a full-view of the road!

Camper Van Interior 16
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Last but not least, a trip without music is lame. Ever think of setting a speaker on your van?

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