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15 Nordic Decor Ideas for a Good Living

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Nordic décor has been around even before the famous furniture department store became famous. Yet, it is becoming more popular afterwards because of its minimalistic look. Even some people love it because of the modern look and the elegance. Therefore we present you 15 Nordic décor ideas to liven up your home.

Nordic Décor Ideas for Home

Grey might seem like a dull color before, but Nordic furniture has changed this perception. Furthermore, it becomes one of the famous terms among interior designers. Nordic décor is no longer odd even among home owners who love interior design. However, other than grey, Nordic décor also has many other colors and styles.

Nordic Décor Ideas

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First of all, the most basic Nordic décor idea you can do is by incorporating white, grey and black. Do not forget to use simple looking furniture!

Nordic Decor 2
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Other than grey, black, and white, you can also combine color like yellow. Sometimes Nordic décor is more about the minimalistic look rather than color.

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Furthermore, you can also combines less grey and more natural wood color. It will look both rustic and Nordic!

Nordic Decor 4
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After all, Nordic décor is only a concept you can play with. Why not mix it with a bit of countryside look by adding greenery and woven basket?

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Remember, the Nordic concept is not strictly regulated under the law. It is an art of interior design, play with some yellows and wood colors to liven up.

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Or even, you can go all white and brown to create a clean look.

Nordic Decor 7
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Coupled with some contemporary arts, your room will look dashing!

More Nordic Décor Ideas

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When you have a house with high ceiling, the Nordic colors will surely match well. Furthermore, you can add a touch of hanging lamp and a fluffy carpet.

Nordic Decor 10
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Again, who said you cannot utilize red carpet under a grey chair? Or a contemporary art dominated with red?

Nordic Decor 11
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Besides common room, Nordic décor is also suitable for dining room. Look, you can also mix the checkered cushions with a Victorian style lamp.

Nordic Decor 12
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Other than color, Nordic style is also about design and concept of the furniture. Get some thin-legged table to provide space to your room.

Nordic Decor 13
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Not only furniture, the concept can also fit the wall. Nobody said you cannot paint your wall grey!

Nordic Decor 14
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Sometimes, going Nordic means becoming a bit blue. It also represents the color of their nature, right?

Nordic Decor 15
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More than color and furniture, the Nordic interior is also about combining styles. Colorful carpet, fancy lamp, outdoor sceneries, take it all.

Nordic Decor 16
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Finally, don’t forget to utilize some sexy light-weighted chair for your working space!

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