15 Floating Shelves Ideas For Your Home

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Floating shelves is one option to beautify your home which is also useful. Having floating shelves means both decoration on your wall and also rack for a lot of stuffs. Because of its double functionality, many floating shelves ideas for you home also come in many models and types. Not only that, many ideas for your home can also be easily found. Some of them are uniquely designed, while others are mass products that you can creatively organize.

Floating Shelves Ideas for Home

Using woods, you can install these 15 floating shelves ideas for your home in many positions. Fortunately, many designs are also widely available. So, for those who do not want to create from scratch, you don’t need to work that hard.

Floating Shelves for Home Decoration

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First we will start from classic thick wooden shelves. You can put a longer board as floating shelf on the bottom to give space for tall decoration.

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One function of floating shelves is to display family pictures. Therefore, why not making a narrow-surfaced shelf?

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Not only in the common room, but also in the kitchen. Shelf can be used as wine rack, too.

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You might want to keep the wall as plain as possible. Perhaps, a small single shelf with drawer can be a good choice.

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After all, a bathroom may need shelves too. Why not installing some floating shelves for the towels?

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Opting to simple two-level floating shelf is not a wrong choice. Look at how gorgeous they look.

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In case you never think of putting shelf on the narrower wall, here is the wonderful example.

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Of course a rustic look will be good for shelf too! Combined with various rustic decorations, it will be beautiful.

More Floating Shelves Ideas

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In addition to rustic style, white will never be boring too. Even if it is combined with another white.

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Uniquely designed floating shelves do not need to be made from scratch. You can just decorate it with your style.

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When you want a different shape of floating shelves, why not take a triangle?

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Or not to mention, this very sturdy yet sweet way of styling the shelves? Utilize your wall corner well.

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A not so thick board for shelf does not mean no room for a multifunction space, right?

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Of course going classic black is still a brilliant option. Don’t forget to add a part for leaning.

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Lastly, creating two half-shelves is also a good idea to spark the living room.

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