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14 Tiny House Ideas for A Wonderful Living

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Other than having apartment as a place for living, many people opt to tiny house nowadays. The trend of tiny house becomes more common as the rent for a small apartment soars. A tiny house is often considered as a good choice since they can still access the soil.

Tiny House Ideas for Inspiration

Despite its small size, a tiny house is also something that they owned themselves. Therefore it is easier to manage. Moreover, our 14 tiny house ideas for a wonderful living will also help you. It will make your life more comfortable and creative.

Tiny House Inspiration

Tiny House 1
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First of all, getting a tiny house is not sucks. On the other hand, it will increase your creativity. Utilize the corridor for kitchen and the end of the room for a sitting room.

Tiny House 2
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The good news about tiny house is that you can build it on your own. Then, why not put the bed room at the second floor?

Tiny House 3
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You can make your tiny house looks rustic by accommodating wood in every part of it.

Tiny House 5
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You can still go all out with your tiny house by putting a big refrigerator and some decorations.

Tiny House 6
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Of course you can still decorate the bed room of a tiny house! Add a curvy shelf for your working materials or simply decorations.

Tiny House 7
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Some houses might be tinier, that does not mean bad. A bedroom upstairs and kitchen downstairs will help you manage.

Tiny House 8
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A tiny house is not only for one person. Set the upper room for two separate beds and lower part for kitchen. Don’t waste the stairs by making it a cupboard too.

Tiny House 9
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Or you might want to create your shelves-stairs to look tidier. And also adding a railing for the bedroom upstairs.

More Tiny House Inspiration

Tiny House 10
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Don’t forget a small detail for your house. A little “underground” storage will be a good bet to organize your stuffs.

Tiny House 11
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Other than that, tiny house does not mean a hard life. Why not invest on a bar kitchen and some machines that ease your life? Plus some pretty hanging lamps!

Tiny House 12
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A small house can look like a big house when you can separate each room. And also don’t forget use as many drawers as you need.

Tiny House 13
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On the other hand, some of you might want a clean house and keep some space empty. Take out unimportant stuffs and create as many windows as possible.

Tiny House 14
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Another way to create comfortable house is by putting all the work and hobby stuffs separated from bedroom.

Tiny House 15
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Finally, a really good idea is to put a functional drawer under the steep stairs that do not take so much space!

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