15 Amazing DIY Architectural Letters for You Walls

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Architectural letters is one of many ways to decorate your place differently. By having architectural letters attached on your wall or placed on the shelf, it will become a distinct decor. Together with many other types of decoration, the letters will provide a different look. Usually, architectural letters are thought as hard to make, but it is not! Here are 15 amazing DIY architectural letters for your walls.

DIY Architectural Letters for Walls

Of course there are many ready to buy letters, but you can also make your own. In this article, we are going to present 15 DIY architectural letters for your walls. You can utilize woods, buttons, paints, and many other materials based on your creativity. Probably, by creating one of these letters, you will discover a hidden talent.

DIY Architectural Letters Ideas

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First of all, why not create your own scrabble-like architectural letters for your walls? You can buy or make your own. Then, combine the look with some wooden decorations.

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Not only wood, polystyrene foam is also a good material for letters. Additionally, to make it look more colorful you can add plastic flowers or small pompoms.

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Third inspiration for is made of some cylindrical materials. You can definitely make it on your own and hang it to accompany other wall decorations.

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Besides going rustic and classic, architectural letters are also good to appear on your child’s room. Polystyrene or board with polka and stripes will surely look cute.

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Other than all the materials we have mentioned, this leather material will provide a distinct look to your wall.

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Moreover, you can also incorporate beads with your painted letters.

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Perhaps you will not waste your kids’ pompom toys if you can make a really fluffy architectural letters.

More DIY Architectural Letters

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Not to mention, you can also create very simple-looking letters from a softer board. Also, don’t forget to paint it black.

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Coupled with fake flowers, your colorfully painted letters will look really pretty.

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With the purpose of being classic, combining an old board and spray paint or brush will help you get there.

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In the same fashion with bead before, this design will also work with many other small accessories.

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Besides going colorful, painted your letters with only one color is nice too. Don’t forget to add the fairy sprinkle and polish it.

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Coupled with various type of buttons you can also create a really unique architectural letters.

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Other than thinking about different materials, you can think of different pattern too. Paint the letter made of soft wood with dots will make it look ethnic.

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Finally, why not combine your creativity with natural sources? Your letters will look elegant.



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