14 Creative Ideas to Decorate Above or Behind the Sofa

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Sofa in the living room is probably a basic furniture every family has that is never thought to be anything special. However, simply putting a sofa as it is without decorating a bit of its top or back part will make your sofa looks dull and perhaps tempting you to spend more money buying just another new sofa. Our 14 creative ideas to decorate above or behind the sofa will spark some ideas so that you can beautify your living room to be enjoyed both by your eyes and any guest who visits.

Decorating Above and Behind the Sofa

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Don’t let the “orange is the new black” feeling fades away so fast by decorating the wall on the back of sofa with some dark-colored arts and a bit of bright and other pastel colors.

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A green sofa and stripped pillow might look stylish, but letting the back wall empty will just makes your living room feels dull. Adding a small mirror with sun-frame and a painting will enhance the good vibe.

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Of course, hanging a frame over sofa will never go wrong. Yet, decorating it in an unusual way like attaching smaller frames to bigger one will just create a difference.

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Sometimes going a bit plain is a safe yet daring way, because a wrong step can make your living room looks dull instead. Yet, a grey sofa with an abstract painting over it will do just great.

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Who said decorating above the sofa needs a completely different color? Despite having the same color as the carpet, the paintings behind this sofa are still looking sweet.

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Imagine how dull this brown sofa sitting in front of a plain blue wall would be without the plants, pictures and candles behind.

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When you get a wide room with high ceiling, try to hang a lamp and you can expect the room to look classy and luxurious.

More Inspiration for Above and Behind Sofa Decor

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If you have a colorful sofa, decorating the wall over it with a plain-colored painting and shelf will balance the look and definitely soothe your eyes after a long day.

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White sofa and white wall do not sound like a good match, huh? Don’t worry as long as you can incorporate some other colors, it will look as sweet as a smoothie.

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Combining black and white will never be wrong in an interior design. This combination of black sofa and the abstract paintings behind is one of the samples.

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Sometimes you can also go a bit easier with less decoration, but bring wallpaper to the room instead.

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For your information, being rustic or primitive is not always about having wood-based furniture.

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First of all, grey is not the color of indecisiveness. If you can manage a fluffy grey sofa in a room dominated with darker greys, it will look really classic!

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Finally, going Bohemian and colorful with back sofa decoration will spread many inspiration to your mind.

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